Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random back yard pictures on Sunday morning

Rocky has company in our new member of the family "Lilly" which will be an "OUTSIDE" cat and is Beth's responsibility. So far all she does around Rocky is hiss at him.
Rocky checking out all the new smells on the farm behind our house where they have been harvesting.

Lilly's usual spot to find her on our back porch.

Two of the 5 or 6 bales of cotten just combined in the last few days behind our property.

A field of soy beans that is beside the cotton field that was just harvested. Soy beans seem to always be the last crop to be harvested.

Rocky & I had a nice walk getting to the farm area behind our property separated by a narrow row of growth. Deer had made us a nice path through the brush.

Don't know how many of you are familiar with the Hickory tree. It is a very hard wood and produces the hickory nut. As you can see it has a thick outer covering and after falling from the tree it dries and opens up revealing the nut inside. The nut is also "very" hard. Many times I have used a hammer something hard like a cement block and would break them open trying to get to the nut meat inside. I like the taste but there is so little inside the effort really does not pay off in the end.


  1. Hi Odie. I LOVE your photo header! I could sit there and drink coffee for a while:)

    Sorry that you don't watch Iron Chef. I don't watch the regular one but I do watch the one where they are trying to get on the show. It is so exciting.

    Hope you have a nice Sunday.

  2. Okay Lilly? Wayyyyy cuter than Rocky! (I'm a cat person hee hee)


  3. Wonderful photoes Odie. Looks like a nice peaceful area where you live.

  4. I love hickory nuts, but I agree with you, not really worth the effort. Cute pets!

  5. i love her, and her name!

    the fields are pretty.

  6. Oh I love that little Kitty! What will she do in the cold weather? Will you really make her be an "outside" cat?

  7. Yes she will be an outside cat, we think too much of Rocky who was there first to make him feel bad & get jealous. They really can get an attitude when another animal is in the picture.