Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aunt Katie

Every family should have an Aunt Katie like I do. She will be 102 years young this year and continues to amaze everyone that comes in contact with her. Her amusing stories and sharpness of detail leave those who visit her wondering if they will be blessed to have that kind of mental clarity later in their lives.

I guess one of the reasons she stays strong at 101 is because she is always active. When I visit she usually will be outside checking her bushes or raking in the yard with her bonnet on. She never had a child but all of us now look to her like a mother and enjoy so much just spending time with her and feeling so much better for doing so.

My Uncle Lester is 93 and lives on the same property with Aunt Katie so it seems that my dad's side of the family has some good genes for longevity. If you are family reading this, when was the last time you were blessed to be with Aunt Katie or Uncle Lester? Be blessed and spend quality time with them.


  1. I'm going to attempt to be funny here:

    The reason she is 102 and clear of mind and body? Because she never DID have any children of her own. Insanity is heredity you know, you get it from your children!

    Seriously, how blessed are you that you can spend time with a walking history book! I have always loved talking with older folks - they have lived through such interesting times.

  2. I like your humor but honestly you could be on to something. Looking back to life with my 3 girls and remembering a 20 year period that I had to compete with 4 females in a house with "1" bathroom.