Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visual Memories

Missing the calm and wonderful feeling I get every time I visit Lancaster County, PA. The Amish are so polite and never seem to get in a rush and their farmers market is the best I have every seen.

Also looking back, we had so much fun on our last two Carnival cruises and can't wait to board the Glory in October. I think this one will be the best yet since we have learned what not to do and save money at the same time. We fell for the so called deals on the first one and paid for excursions that turned out to be overpriced for sure. Now we just do our own thing and have lots more fun.

If you are reading this and have not traveled, please do. I spent the majority of my life apart from the time I was in the Army and didn't go anywhere for fun. My wife changed all that and we have now built memories in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, mountains of NC, Pennsylvania, Key West, Bahamas, Mexico and White Lake, NC.


  1. Love cruising! WEnt on my first on the Carnival Fascination in April!

  2. My first was on the Celebration and then on the Holiday. This will be our 3rd. Found out that the Holiday was used in the Gulf after a disasterous storm to house residents for about 6 months and then was rebuilt inside. I read that the Glory is an explosion of color and I am excited to board in October. Have a super day

  3. Ahhhh.... I've always said that cruises are the only vacations where one can REALLY unwind, because it's like you're completely disconnected from the world.

  4. Your so right Annah, when my feed get on board thoughts of what's on the mainland leave me. Next I put all the "stuff" I carry around all the time like keys, wallet, cell phone etc in the room safe and feel lighter for the week. Can't wait to REALLY unwind.

  5. I would love to go on a cruise, they look like so much fun!

    And the Amish are so awesome. I would love to live with them, just to pick up some of their calm ways *sigh* (I'm not sure I could swing the dresses though)