Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mountain Vacation

Pictures are a little late getting on here but I am just getting used to downloading from our camera & wanted everyone to see some of what we enjoyed while on vacation in Maggie Valley, NC Memorial Day weekend.
The top picture is a view of the other cabins that were there. They are much newer than the one we stayed in and I liked our's much better.
Next was Rocky and his newly found friend, a Jack Russell terrier. They were doing the dog thing checking each other out. Rocky actually got along with him very well which we were glad of.
There was a stream that ran past our cabin that kept a wonderful sound going the whole time we were there. I love being near running water and it made our stay there much more enjoyable.
The inside view of the cabin show the rustic, flat, large logs giving our cabin the look I like in log cabins. They are called Country Cabins as the last picture shows. \
Definately a place to return to someday.


  1. Isn't there something about running water/the rain/a stream/a water fall/ that's so soothing?

  2. That looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book for the weekend! I love the sound of running water too, so calming.

  3. I am stopping by from Southern Comfort in a Northern Life to say thanks for stopping by. Yes, I love my new Kindle. I love Ree too. I am up north but hoping to move south again really soon. Hoping that we get transferred soon. Again, thanks for stopping by. You don't have an email address to reply to in your comment so I stopped by.

  4. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing. And yes, the sound of running water is so soothing...

  5. the place looks so refreshing. :)

    thanks for visiting my blog by the way... i appreciate it.


  6. Looks like heaven!! I could use a vacation like that!

    Thanks for all the comments on my blog! I appreciate it.

  7. Odie...
    Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments on the Princess and the Pea. It's so nice to know that my blog is of interest to you. I look forward to getting to know you...through your blog. God Bless. :)

  8. I think my parents stayed there too, Odie. I recognize the little stream/waterfall photo from their vaca photos!!
    Maggie Valley was one of my Dad's fav places to stay!! He and my mom went up there quite a few years when my daughter was in Clogging competitions in Maggie Valley!! She is a member of the Clogging Hall Of Fame!!! if you go up there during one of those competitions- you should definitely go see the show!! Excellent entertainment!!

  9. Hi Odie. I don't have a reply email for you so I wanted to say thanks for the good vibes for Caden. I hope he does well with the surgery. I love that you have a grandson named Kaden. When we named him, Caden wasn't even heard of. Now it is everywhere.

    Uncle Bubba's was just okay. Paula Deen's was better. The best one is The Blue Willow in Social Circle Georgia. I have to say that it beats Paula and I dearly love her. Kinda hurts me to say that:)

    I didn't know that she had a restaurant in NC.

  10. Last fall we stayed at Roaring Creek Cabins in Maggie Valley. We were at 3,300 feet up on a mountain and felt the altitude for the first couple of days. Beautiful up in the forest canopy.

    Breakfast a Joeys (they close at noon) was memorable. Also Country Vittles was good but smoking is allowed. We almost left but would have missed some excellent country cooking if we had.

    Did you go to the Ingles in Waynesville? We bought some porterhouse steaks there and took them back to our cabin to pan fry (medium rare) in a cast iron skillet. Best we ever ate.

  11. Yes we went to Ingles and love to shop in there. Joeys has always been "the" spot to go for breakfast in Maggie Valley. They know what to do and do it the same every day. Thanks for stopping by.