Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flatlander's Dream

I was sitting here this morning thinking about a place that I always want to be near. The mountains, and it really doesn't have to be NC as long it is mountains and green with running streams.
The picture I have inserted is of course one of my favorite areas, Maggie Valley, NC. My bride and I were married there back in June of 04 and it will always be special to us. Not just the scenery but the people make it a place to return as often as possible.
The last trip we were fortunate to be able to carry our baby, Rocky, a one year old chiwawa. I know the spelling is wrong but you get the idea. Never had much luck remembering how to spell that breed name. But he had a ball and so did we making memories in our minds to last us until we could come back for more. I guess Rocky's main memory would be the Jack Russell terrier he met and sniffed.
It is simply amazing how theraputic sitting by a mountain stream and listening to the sounds it makes can be. Simple, yet beautiful and refreshing. Brings back the memory of when we were on our honeymoon and traveling from Maggie Valley to Gatlinburg and stopped by the stream that runs the entire length of the journey. We had Beth, my wife's daughter and Ashley, my grandaughter with us and they wanted to walk in the stream. It was hot in June and the cool water must have been very refreshing. I honestly believe they had more fun walking around in that stream looking for interesting rocks than they had at the standard tourist spots we visited. We still have a footprint shaped rock in our living room to remind us of that stream.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Hi!! Well, I totally agree with you about the mountains thing...My Dad is from Saffire Valley/Brevard NC area and I definitely prefer the mountains to the coast. It's in my Blood. Maggie Valley area is nice- but I LOVE the Highlands area best of all.

  2. I see them so seldom that any part of the mountains makes me feel better and it is a sad feeling when I have to leave headed back to flat country.