Sunday, July 25, 2010

Uncle Lester's Birthday Party

Man of the hour, my Uncle Lester and his wife Catherine checking out cards as we wait to eat at the little steak house in the town I grew up in. He was 93 years young that day and one of his favorite things to do is cut grass on his riding mower. Staying active must be the key to longevity.

My sister Marie was there & it was great to see her since she stays so busy these days it is hard to get an appointment with her. We keep trying.

Also there was my sister Linda. We have gotten a lot closer by having breakfast together every Tuesday to share what is going on in our lives and simply making sure we don't loose contact with each other.
It was a fun night and also present were three of Uncle Lester's sisters. My Aunt Katie who is 101 and still going strong, Aunt Eleanor and Aunt Doris. A very special evening for a very special uncle.


  1. My goodness you have longevity in your genes... to what do they attribute such long life, good looks and great health?

  2. Wow.. Praise God for long and active lives!!! looks like a great time.