Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I thought it was about time I introduced everyone to our baby, Rocky. He was 1 year old last January and has changed what it's like to live in the Langley household.
We enjoy taking him on trips with us out of town. He does really well traveling as he lays on the arm rest between the two front seats. He recently went with us to the mountains of NC and had fun meeting a very friendly Jack Russell Terrier.
Rocky has turned into an awesome watchdog as he barks loudly at any strange noise. The only problem he seems to have is stopping barking when a relative comes by that he isn't familiar with. We have learned that if we take him and put him into their arms he will stop barking and start licking them.
He weighs 8 1/2 pounds and if we continue to limit the amount of food from the table to a small treat he should maintain his trim figure. He is a champion begger and has this awesome pose where he has one foot on your leg and the other one in the air turned down. It is really hard to keep from giving in and letting him have all he wants. We have to be the ones that know what is really best for him.
After his play time in the evenings running to fetch one of his stuffed toys or a squeaky rubber toy he is only happy when he can lay on or near us and naps so peacefully. He really has a calming effect on both of us after a stressful day at work. We love him very much and just wanted to share him with you.


  1. I love dogs, I think they are great to have around! My brittany won't hang around me though...she prefers my bed, no matter where I am LOL

  2. They're just like kids in that respect, aren't they??

    And those sad lil puppy-dog eyes don't make it easy for us to say no.....

  3. My 5 year old has been begging me every day for a puppy....she'd go crazy over your Rocky! (as would all my girls!)

    Nice to "meet" you Odie, thanks for stopping by my blog--your comments are so nice and positive!

    God bless you!

    We're going on vacation this next week, wish it was one of those cruises you talk about, but it will be fun just being all together! No worries about laundry or cleaning the house, etc...just swimming, fishing and playing!

  4. Rocky sounds great. Dogs make a huge difference in a household. We are all having fun with Scout. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the peach cobbler with orchard fresh peaches.

  5. What a love! I've been wanting a little cuddle bug like him!! (...because I don't have enough dogs, right? Hee...)

  6. Hi Odie. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate the message you left. Clark and the surrounding areas have been rebuilt since the Mount Pinatubo eruption and it is in good shape. If you have the chance, see it for yourself for the second time =).

    Your baby is adorable. I have two babies myself: Nikka (a 13-month old loving but naughty Beagle)and Nadyne (a 2-month old sweet Basset Hound). Dogs make city living more pleasurable. Nothing beats having two wagging tails and busy tongues greeting you at the door when you come home after a VERY long day at work.

    - Kass (stargazer)

  7. What a sweetie and nice that she travels well. Our temps are at least 10 degres less than you - hoping for a break in the heat! Stay cool1

  8. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I appreciate it!
    Your new dog is ADORABLE!
    :) Mags