Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cruise pictures Part 3

Carvings at a local Freeport market.
Linda having fun in Freeport.

Carnival folks spending money in Freeport.

Transportation to get you deeper into Freeport.

Overhead shot of the Freeport shops.

Pilot boat in the Freeport harbour.

Huge container operation in Freeport with "very" tall lifts with the driver at the top. He drives straddle the trailer and lowers a device that lifts the trailer up into his vehicle then drives over a row and deposits the trailer on top of another one.

Welcome to Freeport sign.

Stephen Freeman "A Tribute to Elvis" in the Ebony Cabaret.

Stephen's beautiful wife Bridgett.

Maria, his best fan having a ball on stage with Stephen.

More Stephen & Maria. She has downs syndrome but is a darling person to be around. She is definately a people person.

A better shot of Bridgett.

Stephen again getting hot in all that leather.

Stephen during his first set.

Local tour boat.

The Rainbow IV, another tour boat.

The "Sweetie Pie".

Another tour boat.

Snorkling tour boat.


  1. A wonderful holiday! I find the picture of the container port fascinating. Maybe it isn't the most picturesque but it's certainly interesting. the blue of the sea in your other shots is amazing!

  2. attempt 2 to try and comment....
    great pics and looks like the vacation was tons of fun