Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lifestyle Change

One of my blog friends saw a comment about how I had lost 15 lbs. and had kept it off since January and thought I should share it with my blog friends. What I discovered has turned out to be a lifestyle change for me and is working.

A coworker introduced me to a book written by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo titled "Cook Right for Your Type", meaning blood type. I read the book and it explains how people with different blood types process foods in their bodies differently. Some foods react in a negative way causing results that affect our health and weight.

Specifically for me I found out that foods made with wheat flour does not process well for my blood type and should not be in my diet. Also pork should be avoided by all with "O Negative" blood type. At the time I was on blood pressure medicine and was getting readings of 174/94 pretty regularly. A couple of days after I stopped eating pork my pressure readings came down to the 130's and later down to the 120's and has stabilized there.

As well as the drop in blood pressure I have lost 15 lbs. and have kept it off since Jan. 21st. Another problem the book told me was that I needed to stop drinking soft drinks. It was a regular thing for me to get a soft drink and a honey bun daily and even today I know that I could sit down and eat a whole pound of bacon or a box of Krispy Kreme's in one sitting but I choose not to. It has become a lifestyle change for me and now I can walk past a box of Krispy Kreme's and not even think of them as food.

I realize this is radical to some folks thinking but it worked for me and I have felt better since then. A side note: Since I started this change I have not been sick even though many have been sick around me. The only thing different I do is to take 2,000 mg of vitamin C and 6,000 mg of vitamin D daily.

One more point that has worked for me. I was having joint pain in my fingers and the book told me that white potatoes can cause joint pain and that I should only eat sweet potatoes. I do not have joint pain today and am not doing anything different except eating what I feel is better for me and my blood type.

Check out the book, which is the companion to the New York Times Bestseller, "Eat Right 4 Your Type". Decide for yourself.


  1. Oh, this is fascinating!

    I am absolutely picking up a copy of that book both for myself and to share with my parents!

    Congrats on the lifestyle change, and thanks for sharing,


  2. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing Odie!!!

  3. Well, I am glad you posted this after I asked about the diet...YAY ME!!!

    I am definitely going to check out this book. I don't know my blood type. I need to get tested and find out.

    Thanks Odie for this post.


    PS...I have joint pain bad too...White potato's...YAY!

  4. That is way crazy. You know I'm going to find the book now and check it out LOL I'm definitely intrigued!

  5. Very interesting!! do know if anyone gives up a box of Krispy Kremes every day, they would lose, right?
    Just teasing you, those donuts melt in your mouth don't they? Krispy Kremes didn't make it long here in MN, only a couple years.

    So glad your blood pressure came down too, wow! Keep up the good work! I'll have to check out that book too!

    I really need to give up my Diet Coke!

  6. my mother in law LOVEs that book! great to hear about your success and the background to that book!

  7. I've heard awesome things about that book. I should check it out! Thanks for sharing!