Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, Report #2

Happy wednesday everyone. We are on our second day in Nasau and it is like paradise here even though we haven't actually been off the ship. It has been relaxing to have more room with others off the ship.

Linda finally got out of quarantine yesterday at 5 PM so we could enjoy diner in the main dining room. They have to be very careful when someone is sick that it isn't something that will go through the ship. I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday for pain in my right knee and it really felt great when I got off the table but the pain came back by evening and has been talking to me a lot today. Getting old is tough.

I have really developed a taste for calamari. Had it yesterday and again today. When we arrived here there was already 2 Carnival ships here. This morning 2 Royal Carribean ships arrived so it is a very busy port here. We will be leaving tonight at 10 PM and arrive in Freeport tomorrow morning. We will be getting off briefly there to do a little shopping.

So far that about sums it up folks. Take care and continue to pray for the old folks trying to make it.


  1. Glad to hear that your wife is better. My husband got sick on our Caribbean cruise too. And he was under quarantine. In fact there were so many sick people the ship was under "Code Red."

  2. glad you're having a nice your knee.....hope it doesn't hold you safe!

  3. I'm sorry your knee is still being difficult - I'll keep praying that it heals up!

    Do you have to pay for all the meals you eat or do those come with the price of the boat? (and you can totally answer this when you get back home LOL)