Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Cruise Report

Friday and our last full day on the cruise and will be at sea all day. We are both doing well and enjoying the beauty of the day. I really developed a liking for Mongolian food yesterday and will be trying it again today for lunch.

Tonight we will be doing our last treat by dining in the Emerald Room for an evening of steak, seafood, deserts, drinks and basically 2 hours of fine dining. We have to pay a fee for this but I hear it will be worth it.

We will arrive back in Norfolk tomorrow morning about 8 AM and should be home by lunch time for our reunion with our precious Rocky who will probably pee all over the place like he does when he is excited to see us. We sure have missed that little guy so much.

I will do some real catching up when we get back home and have adequate time. Hope you all are doing well and have had a great week.

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  1. Enjoy the fancy dinner. I hope there are big windows so you can watch the sea flow by.