Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cruise Report #3

It's thursday and I am thankful that Linda is doing great and i am managing with my knee even though it is talking to me at times. We are currently in Freeport and it is absolutely beautiful here, better than Nasau. The water is such a lovely color of green. We went ashore this morning for the first time and got a few things including some more turtles for Linda.

Yesterday afternoon we were entertained by Stephen Freeman, an Elvis style singer that sang most of Elvis' songs and had all moves. There was a young downs syndrome teen named Maria that had the most fun of everyone. He paid her a lot a attention and she was darling.

To answer Alexia all the food is free except specialty drinks like mocha lattes and alcohol. We will be paying tomorrow evening to go to a specialty steak house on the upper level but it will be a dining experience with seafood, deserts, drinks to sample and lots more for a reasonable price.

Tonight will be our last time in the main dining room and it has really been a treat all week trying new foods and experiencing the different courses instead of just eating as usual. Thanks for all your prayers for us and we are really doing better even though we are still over the hill and feeling it from time to time. More later.

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