Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home from the cruise

4:30 PM and we are finally home and reunited with our little Rocky. It was another beautiful day for the ride home. We wondered when it would all happen as they had technical difficulties on the ship. We arrived at port around 8 AM but it was after 1 PM before we finally were allowed to exit the ship. Not the usual affair but we are home and that is what really counts.

The Glory is a beautiful ship and had some special things on board that we have not seen on other ships but there were a few negatives. They kept the bulk of the ship entirely too cold. We thought we were going to freeze in the Ebony Lounge watching the Elvis impersonator and I was forever trying to find somewhere that I felt was warmer. Also as the week progressed it was harder and harder to find a spot that was not contaminated by cigarette smoke.

We had the fancy dining experience last evening and it was not all that they advertised it to be. I had trouble finding anything on the stater menu that I really even wanted to eat. Too many things like snails or mushrooms. We had the impression it would be steak, seafood and a sampling of drinks. Turned out you choose either steak or lobster and they charge you for whatever drink you want. I will say the steak was probably the best I have ever eaten anywhere so that part was really good.

The people experience on this cruise was the best yet. Jasper our main waiter was awesome and we saw him all during the day as well and he always stopped to say hello and make sure we were enjoying ourselves. Even the Matridi (not a word I use a lot) Victor was so friendly making his rounds during the meal.

One treat was the animal creatures made from towels we found in our room each date. The best was one hanging from the woodwork along the wall in the form of a monkey.

In Freeport there was a huge container port where ships unload the container trailers you see being pulled by 18 wheelers on the interstate. They have these huge lifts that are "very" tall and actually straddle the trailer after a lift has removed it from the ship and set it on the floor. Once straddled the lift sends a devise down to pick the trailer up between the two sets of four wheels and goes off to deposit the trailer in a row either on the ground or on top of another trailer and continues straddling the trailers to the end of the row to go back and find another one to position.

Aside from the 24 hour quarantine for Linda due to her stomach problem and my knee constantly talking to me we really enjoyed the experience and will definately do it again. I do hope all of you are well, happy and had a good week. I will upload some pictures tomorrow and try to do some catching up on reading some of your blogs.


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, I'm glad! It's too bad they couldn't only allow smoking on deck....I wouldn't want to be surrounded by smoke!

  2. Welcome home! Glad you had a good trip. Sorry about the stomach bug and the cig smoke. yuck.

  3. welcome home!
    i bet rocky was the happiest dog in the world when you guys finally picked him up. :o)

  4. I'm just catching up on my blog reading but have been thinking of you and hoping that you had a wonderful time. I'm enjoying the pictures now so I'm off to see the second set. Glad you are both home safely and so happy you had fun! Traveling is always such an experience and if you can embrace the good with the bad, all the better for the growth!