Sunday, February 27, 2011

Conversations I would have for "Chief"

My friend, Chief over at Unsound Reasoning wanted me to pick two people that are not living now that I would have a conversation with. So here are my selections and if you haven't been over to Chief's blog, please visit him today.

Michael Landon is an actor and individual that I have always admired and have wanted to sit with him and hear about his actual life growing up.

I am sure many of you spent many hours watching "Highway to Heaven" as he played the part of Jonathan Smith working with Mark as his job as angel doing the leading of the Lord. I really miss that show.

Of course his role as Little Joe Cartright on Bonanza really got his career started and my whole family loved that show.

Kenneth E. Hagin started the Rhema Bible Training Center out in Broken Arrow, OK and has really influenced my spiritual journey and I would love to just sit and listen to him share his wisdom with me. His son, Kenneth Hagin now ministers at their facility. He was a great author and I have a lot of his books and encourage you to check out his awesome teachings that are available at


  1. My father and I always watched Bonanza together and his favorite brother was Hoss (Dan Blocker). Dan died young and so did Michael Landon, Little Joe. All four are with the Lord now!

  2. I've always liked Michael Landon. I was so sad when he died.

  3. great choices. i always liked michael landon, too. i wanted him to be my dad...

  4. I loved Michael Landon too especially in Little House on the Prairie. I used to run home to watch it as a kid :)

  5. You forgot about him playing "Pa" on Little House on the Prairie! Every time I see Michael Landon that's all I think about!

  6. Great choices Odie...I "grew up" with Michael Landon...I watched all his shows but I think my favorite was Little House...he was the perfect dad