Monday, February 7, 2011

I Miss All of These

Steven Segal when he was younger

Johnny Weismuler as Tarzan

Star Trek -The Next Generation

Sky King

Dean Martin as Matt Helm

Clayton Moore as the original Lone Ranger

Kung Fu

James Bond

Fantastic Voyage

Clint Eastwood


Charles Bronson - Death Wish Series

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Bob Ross

The original A-Team


  1. They sure don't make them like they used to!

  2. Oh yeah, Odie! Now you're tapping into my stuff. As a BOY I watched those early TARZAN movies, and Maureen O'Sullivan as JANE could turn any married man into a CHEETAH! (LOL) I also watched the Sky King series. We're showing our age remembering that one. He called his plane the Songbird, correct? Chris Reeve caught a very tough break and died too soon as did Carradine. I watched The Rifleman which featured teen actor/recording artist Johnny Crawford and I watched Chuck Connors' other TV series Branded along with The Lone Ranger. I loved the Matt Helm movie series. Those were the days before political corectness when movies unashamedly cast young women in skimpy costumes to serve as window dressing.

    See if you can match the familiar lines with some of the other shows on your list:

    "Michael...LOOK OUT!"

    "No, Mr. Bond...I expect you to DIE!"

    "Book 'em, Danno!"

    "Go ahead...make my day!"

    "I'm Bodie."

    "I pity the fool!"

    "I love it when a plan comes together!"

  3. Odie I think you are my Dad.

    And if you knew my Dad you would understand the great compliment I just paid you.

    I can close my eyes and listen to him watching those.

    Good picks.

  4. I miss *most* of those too Hehe. The boys love Knight Rider - it comes of the channels we get.

  5. Gosh Odie = that post certainly took me back! Hawaiin Five 0 (Book 'em Danny!), Cheyenne (I'm desperately trying to think of the name of the actor. Was it Clint somebody??) and The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Good post my friend.

  6. Sorry! That should have been "book 'em Danno"!!!

  7. i think (not 100% sure) the "buck rogers" dude (what was his name?) was on the "lost valentine" movie last week with betty white. he played her son and i almost didn't recognize him.

  8. I also liked Clint Walker in The Dirty Dozen: "I don't like to get PUSHED!"

  9. Ok Shady if you are checking, Look out Michael was Michael Knight on Knight Rider, No, Mr. Bond was Goldfinger, book' em Danno was McGarrett or Jack Lord, Go ahead was dirty harry, I pity the fool was Mr. T and I love it when a plan comes together was Hannibal. I think I'm Bodie was Cheyenne.

  10. You are correct, sir! You got 'em all, Odie! Great post!

  11. I miss them too Odie. The shows of my childhood:-)

  12. Most of these have been on lately on Netflix or TWC. Good to see oldies again.

  13. I remember so many of these shows. Probably because of all the reruns. Now my kids watch them

  14. My dad got himself the entire Clint Eastwood movie collection and since Christmas it's been Clint Eastwood all over the place up in here!

    I do admit Every Which way but Loose and Every Which way you can were hilarious. RIGHT TURN CLYDE!