Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I don't like these at all....

Icy roads with my almost 40 mile commute.
Long lines at the checkout, especially at Walmart.

You go down row after row in stores today and it is almost impossible to find an item for that does not have Made in China on it.

I have always thought that if I ever had another home built the washer and dryer would be in a basement away from the living area. It's the noise that bothers me when I am trying to listen to the TV.

Usually I don't hear the vacuum at home that much. It's at work when one of the technicians are cleaning out a copier and the vacuums they use are so loud I have to close my door to even hear on the phone.

Ticks are so irritating and keep Rocky and I out of the woods when I want to be in there the most. If you mess up and let one attach on you somewhere you can have an itch that never seems to go away.

Taillights on I-95 is something I cannot stand. Why can't they just go fast enough to not slow me down?

I deal with some of these almost on a daily basis, sometimes they are customers, sometimes they are co-workers. Either way, I have little patience for stupid.

Instant gratification is what I desire and some assembly required is not what I want to see when I buy something.

Just like with taillights, I can't stand stoplights either. I am on a mission and do not what to slow down until I get where I was heading.

That whining in your ear as they circle around your head looking for a place to land and have lunch.

It is getting harder and harder to even walk in my back yard for these critters that have my yard so turned up that I am forever turning my foot on too soft ground.

I was on a mission and do not want to go down roads that slow me down or take me into parts of town I did't want to see.


  1. Odie - I think you need to slow down buddy. Life is a destination, not a race - and these aren't hinderances, so much as they are pauses to allow us to catch our breath for a moment.

    Think of those red lights, brake lights as gifts. Take a moment for you.

    You wouldn't believe the number of good thoughts you can have during the span of a two minute red light.

    Wayyyyy back when I worked and my kidlets were in diapers I commuted 50 miles up I-95 to Washington DC to my job. [I was a single Mom] It was [still is] bumper to bumper most of the way.

    People used to ask me how I could tolerate the hour, hour and a half, two hour commute.

    I just said "Are you kidding? THAT is my quiet time."

    I drove to DC because the pay was so much better, I liked my job - and I was guaranteed a few hours a day when no one needed me, but me. [pre cell phone mind you.]

    Enjoy. Don't rush.

  2. You and I are a lot alike, Odie. We are both impatient and hate to have obstacles standing in our way. I don't like taillights, red lights or detours either, but skippymom is right. At times like those it helps to control your state and turn lemons into lemonade. If you're creeping alone in traffic use the time to listen to the radio, look at scenery or come up with ideas for new blog posts. If you come to a complete stop grab a book or crossword puzzle.

    I also hate noises beause they disrupt my thought process. I am most creative in a quiet environment. It might sound silly but you can take control of the situation by inserting ear plugs. I take them along to movie theaters because most modern cinemas have the sound turned up way too loud.

  3. I thought this was a fun post, it especially shows the difference between men and women!

    Especially the wanting the laundry room in the basement. I have to say, this is the first house where I've had laundry on the main floor, although it is away from the living room and is very small, I love being able to throw in a load quickly, if it were in the basement, it would be soooo hard to get it all done every week!

    I always said that whoever designed the washer and dryer to be in basements was a MAN.

    You've proven it.

    hahah!! (just teasing you!)

    Pretty fun post Odie, have a great day!!!

  4. Odie - I have to agree with SkippyMom with this one. Unfortunately, we all have to stop sometimes whether we want to or not. It can be a real pain, but life is too short to get hooked up about it. I hadn't put you down as an instant gratification kind of a guy!
    I could almost feel your frustration at all these things leaping off the page at me!!

  5. Some interesting thoughts here for me to ponder on.

  6. there are loads of things that irk me - but sometimes you have to roll with them to get where you're wanting to go.
    Maybe that's a girl thing!!

  7. I'm with you on the icy roads, ticks and things made in China. I would be glad to pay more for things made in the U.S. or Canada.
    I think things that slow us down can be good though. I listen to the radio in the car, I smile and talk with people when I am in a line at Walmart, and I take a crossword puzzle book everywhere I go where I know I will have to wait.
    Think good thoughts while you are driving. If you pray for the people with the tail lights, you just can't stay mad at them!

  8. I enjoyed reading what makes you tick Odie; although I have to agree with Jamie Jo, washing machines in the basement are a pain in the butt!

  9. wow....those are a lot of things you don't like there, Odie...:)

  10. I agree with most of those things. We need to start making things here in our own country...And get off our lazy butts.


  11. Your post made me laugh - first thing in the morning and that's no easy task! I hate red lights too, long lines at Walmart (or anywhere for that matter!), and definetely sick of seeing "made in China" on everything! I have a low tolerance for stupid people too (although sometimes I'm afraid I'm becoming one), but mean people are much worse.
    Unless they're being mean to a stupid person for good reason, then I just step back and stay out of it.
    Anyway, funny post :)