Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update on A friend forever

I received an email from Gloria after my post yesterday and discovered some exciting news. There's going to be a wedding!! Yes, Gloria has met this wonderful man by the name of Frank Pollard who originates from Haida Gwaii. He is an artisan and works with silver & gold. He is from Skidegate and has not been back there for 30 years. They will be traveling there in May to meet his folks which should be an interesting experience for both of them. Before I forget Gloria has 4 grandchildren now and she said having grandchildren is better than "peanut butter" and for her that says a lot. You can learn more about Haida Gwaii by going here and here.

This is called the spirit of Haida Gwaii

Town limits sign of the town Frank Pollard came from.

Totem poles are everywhere there.

A very appropriate statue for this part of the world.

The fish plays such an important part of their lives so their art shows this.


  1. Exciting news indeed. They are lucky to have you for a friend.

  2. ooh everybody loves a wedding, congrats to your friend :)

  3. love ur pics!
    wishing them a properous life ahead!

  4. I'm happy they found each other. Lovely to fall in love in your latter years!

  5. how exciting for them! love the pictures, too.