Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Just in case some of you bloggers might need a little help deciding what to do for Valentines Day this year I have a few suggestions that might add to the moment.

To read about how one couple went from the worst Valentine present to the best ever pop over here.

Three unique ideas for gifts just may be what you have been looking for so to find out just go here.

Maybe this is the year that you want Valentines Day to never end and have it 365 days a year. It is possible by doing this.

For all you trivia buffs out there that might want to know about birthstones, appropriate gifts, saying I love you in a different language, meanings of flowers, meanings of gemstones or marriage omens & wivestales go here.

Maybe you think that spending some quality time watching a romantic movie would be just the thing to create that romantic moment. Here is a list of romantic movies you might want to check out.

Some people might even want to take the lyrics to certain great love songs and use them to say what they might have trouble putting into words. You can find those lyrics here.

Hope some of this helps and have the most wonderful Valentines Day ever.


  1. great post Odie! I wrote my husband a poem for Valentine's Day. It should be appearing some time today on my blog.

  2. really good post Odie. Loved the first story, really good. I am cancelling Valentines Day, due to lack of interest :)

  3. Original ideas are always the best, Odie. I like the idea of celebrating V-day all year round. Why not treat somebody extra special every day? Same thing with Christmas. Why not spread the spirit of giving and goodwill throughout the year?

  4. Thoughtful of you to pass on some ideas, Odie. I'll probably be watching a John Wayne movie on Valentine's Day! Neither me nor my husband are romantics.

  5. great post! we don't usually do much for valentine's day per se but i specifically told him no flowers this year. it is too much money to send flowers these days.

  6. Thank you for all of these links! I will have to check them out. Thanks also for dropping by and visiting my blogs. It is lovely to "meet" you!

    Happy Valentine's day!

    Best wishes,

  7. Thanks for all the neat ideas Odie.
    Happy Valentines day:-)

  8. Excellent ideas Odie and I enjoyed checking out the links. Well done, dear friend.