Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exploring with Rocky

Rocky hugging his little stuffed dog on the couch before we go outside to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

Looking back we had covered a lot of ground already. Our house looks might small from here.

We found some deer tracks that were all over the back field.

Rocky was checking out all the smells and signs of other dogs.

What a pretty sky it was. Now if we could just get some leaves in those trees.

In the back field past our property line. This is the tractor path around the fields.

The fields are dormant waiting for the next crop to be planted.

In the woods between the fields and our house looking very dead with no leaves.

Another view of the woods. The big advantage this time of the year is not having to worry about ticks.


  1. great pics. looks like spring is on it's way

  2. It was 68 today. Springs a coming. Great shots.

  3. I am amazed...there's no snow....We are still four feet deep out here...but I heard it melting today...I can't wait to see grass!

  4. Where did all the snow get to, Odie? You really have a lot of wide open space around your home. Rocky must love living in a rural area like that. My dog Toto sniffs the ground so much that it's hard to take her for a walk. She's always stopping to smell something and leave her calling card!

  5. It looks like a great place for a dog, I bet Rocky loves it!

  6. Beautiful day to explore with Rocky. Rocky is such a cutie:-)

  7. I'm jealous of all that country you have and it looks so warm there, compared to here.

    Beautiful photos, thanks for taking us into your world.

    Or Rocky's world!