Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All I needed was motivation

I have been wanting to do better about we weight gain, loss, gain pattern for some time now and it appears February will be the start of a new leaf for me. You see I have always known what I needed to do, what I needed to stay away from, but I let circumstances rule my attitude and made wrong choices.

One of the points I have gotten from my new book "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeurst came out of scripture. 1 Corinthians 10:23; "everything is permissable -- but not everything is beneficial". So basically I can have that brownie or bag of chips but they would not benefit me, therefore my decision will be not to indulge.

This all may come as a shock to my wife but I have to do what I have to do. I will still happily cook anything she wants and help her in any way I can but will work on portion control and will concentrate on fruits and vegetables as my primary source of food. Not saying I am going the vegetarian way even though I did that for about 4 years and managed quite well.

So my friends this experience will begin next monday the 31st and I am really looking forward to the challenge. Again the site to visit and get on board is my friends over at Life in the Carolina Mountains and her email address is sukie175@hotmail.com .


  1. Well done you, Odie. I'm very proud of you, and I know that you can do it. They do say that portion size is what it's all about really, but it will be good for you eating more fruit and vegetables! I don't need to get on board with this one, but I hope that your other blogging friends will go and pay a visit to Life in the Carolina Mountains. Roll on Monday the 31st, and I know that you will keep us involved.

  2. Good for you, Odie. Sounds like a good plan.

  3. Portion size is easier to control if you use smaller plates and bowls. We got into a bad habit in recent years when we started to super size everything, especially junk foods and sodas. That's why many of us are fighting the battle of the bulge.

  4. Odie,

    I have been thinking of concentrating more on a modified vegetarian diet. Before I met my husband I was a strict vegan and did quite well. I do like to incorporate chicken and fish into my diet and preparing them in healthful ways is an advantage to not only the waistline but one's health! Stay tuned, can't wait to hear how it is going.

  5. Good choice Odie.

    We always ate pretty healthy but until I hate to cut the sodium out I didn't realize just how much salt and preservatives we were eating.

    With my new modified diet I went from my standard 135 down to 118 lbs - it was amazing.

    I managed to bulk up a little bit by finding some things low in sodium, but higher in calories so I am up to 128.2 [YAY] but I couldn't believe that just cutting out those two things I managed to drop so much weight. And keep it off.

    [Salt isn't fattening - it is just the things that contain it are. :)]

  6. hi odie,

    all the best on your portion control journey... will be following your progress.

  7. way to go! i'm working toward a slimmer, healthier me, too. i'll go check out your friend's site.

  8. Good for you!! I hope it goes well.