Monday, January 3, 2011

North Carolina

Thought I would take the opportunity to let you all know a little bit about the part of the world I live in. I love to travel but I really love North Carolina. It is located along the I95 corridor & is about at the half way point between Florida & Maine giving it a climate that attracts lots of people since our seasons are less extreme than other parts of the country.

Being on the eastern coastline would seem that we are in a hurricane zone but that is not really true. We have had some bad ones like Hazel in 1954 but didn't have another until "40" years later. We have had a few since then but spread out with years when none were recorded.

My state has the distinction of being first in a number of things. Go here to check out a list of notable firsts.

In a previous blog I was mentioning foods that I enjoy. There are a number of famous foods & drinks that originated in North Carolina. Go here to check them out.

There were lots of notable people that came from my state as well. Check out this list of famous people.

As with any state North Carolina has dumb laws that are still on the books and may give you a chuckle. Check these out.

Finally in case you did not know the little town of Halifax where I live had a significant part in our independence. I honestly did not realize this fully until I relocated here from only 40 miles south of here back in 2004. Check this out.

Hope you found this interesting.


  1. Nice research Odie - VA is known for it's ridiculous laws that are still on the books - and a lot of them they still enforce. Stupid Commonwealth. [I am not a fan of VA as you will find - only the weather is nice. We get all the seasons.]

  2. It was good to read more about where you live, Odie, and I appreciate the research you did to make this post. Very interesting.

  3. I passed through your fine state many times when driving from Pennsylvania to Myrtle Beach on vacation. I stayed in motels in Fayetteville, Rocky Mount and Roanoke Rapids. I read the list of dumb laws and it's not surprising that most are related to sexual activity. The one I find most interesting, however, is that it's against the law to sing off key. If that law's enforced your state must have a major problem with jail overcrowding!

  4. Haha-I'm very intrigued by this "cheerwine."
    I might have to come check it out!
    Cute blog!

  5. Great post Odie...Bruce and I traveled through NC quite often when he was driving truck. We went to Manteo, Ashville, Nanthahala (?), Apex, Cary, Greensboro, Raleigh Durham, just to name a few places. Beautiful state!

  6. great post. i didn't know these things about your state. coolness...

  7. I've never been to North Carolina, but it sounds lovely. I'm glad they started mini-golf. I loved it when I was a kid!

  8. I've only passed through North Carolina once, but the weather and scenery were amazing and well worth a trip back.

  9. Thanks for sharing about North Carolina - I really enjoyed reading the dumb laws.

  10. I have lived in Florida all my life,visited most of the States in the U.S. but North! Carolina is my favorite!