Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayer Needs in the Blog Family

I follow quite a few bloggers and as I get to know them needs pop up that could use prayerful attention from the family. So here are a few for you to think about.
Lyndy over at "Giggle Fest" living in the UK has 2 children Holly & Jack. Jack has seizures and we need to lift him up in prayer as well as the family because it can get kind of crazy when emergency trips to the hospital pop up.
I am sure Skippy over at "I make soap" would want us to lift up her hubby "Pooldad" who is suffering with kidney stones and has been in a lot of pain.
Kim over at "Is this all there is" has her mom in a rest home and has had issues with her health and could use some prayers for both her and her mom.
Pamela in Australia at "Mountain Living" has had a number of health issues worst of all a fall down her stairs. So she needs our prayers for a sprained ankle, cracked rib, sore funny bone and bruses.
Keri over at "Creating my own little nirvana" is struggling with trying to get paperwork approved to adopt a little boy at an orphanage in Russia and at the same time wanting to relocate there to be near all the kids and needs our prayers as she tries to follow the Lords leading.
Please help me remember these friends in your prayers and if you get a chance and don't know them, pop over to their site for a visit. Thanks


  1. oh WOW!!!! Thanks for thinking of me, I am blown away by this post:)

  2. Remembering them in my prayers!

    You are planting seeds Odie, and it's wonderful!

  3. Thoughts and Prayers to those mentioned!

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  4. How sweet. Skippy and her family are in my prayers on a regular basis. (I think she'd rather see "skippy" in place of her name.)

    while you're adding folks who need prayers, I'd appreciate it you'd add my clan to your list. we have some serious things going on in my neck of the woods, too.

    thanks and God bless you all...

  5. Consider it done, Odie, and Teresa - you are always there in my prayers (along with Ron).

  6. You are so thoughtful! I'll even set aside my snark for a moment and send good thoughts their way.

  7. Thank you Odie for including me in your prayers. I will be sure to pray and send good thoughts to our friends.

    [and yes...What Teresa said. :)]

  8. Thank you for thinking of others, Odie. I have prayed for them all. May God bless their lives.

  9. This is so thoughtful. I will definitely keep them in my prayers.

  10. This is really nice of you, Odie :)


  11. I will keep them in my prayers Odie. Thanks for letting us know!

  12. Done Odie....and you are an amazing friend...

  13. It's so great that you keep up with so many people and are attentive to their needs. Thanks for sharing.