Monday, January 10, 2011


I received this awesome award this morning from my sweet friend across the pond, Thisisme and I am so humbled by your gift and do appreciate it so very much. Please if you have not been over to her blog go here to visit her and my guess is that you will keep coming back.
Now I must follow the rules and list 5 things I want to indulge in so here goes:
1. Cheese, pretty much any kind. Cheese is my friend.
2. A chilled glass of wine of course to go with the cheese.
3. Travel to see somewhere I have never been.
4. Chocolate covered nuts.
5. Sitting in a rocking chair looking at the mountains.
Now to pass on this amazing award to 5 people I feel are worthy:
First Shiela over at a post card a day. She has the most unique cards to share and you can count on her being there to brighten your day. Go here to visit you soon.
Second would actually be one my newest friends that has the most awesome site about her sheep farm in New York. Jenna at Cold Antler Farm. She is refreshing and offers a look at how it is to run a farm today with a variety of animals.
Third would be my friend Barb over at Bouncinbarbs and she is a hoot at times and a great friend. Boy can that girl write. Check her out today please.
Fourth is Lyndylou oven in the UK. A dear sweet lady with two adorable children that you have to get to know. Visit her at lyndylou-whocares and you will be glad you did.
Finally you have to meet Kathiey over at Kathieysworld who has a lovely blog and is so refreshing to visit each day. You will be delighted after spending time at her blog, I promise.
Thanks again Thisisme and I hope all of my blog family has a marvelous day.


  1. Woo-HOO! Congratulations on winning another award, Odie! You richly deserve it. I'm no longer into wine and cheese and I try to avoid sweets, but I do love to see new places and I could sit for hours gazing at the awesome magnificence of God created mountains. Congratulations again on receiving the Stylish Blogger award! Your brand of honesty and decency will never go out of style!

  2. Congratulations Odie. It couldn't have gone to a nicer fellow! I'm with you on the wine and the travel. I shall look forward to paying a visit to nominees for the Award. Several of them are completely new to me. Take care.

  3. Congratulations Odie!

    I'm curious, you have such a wide array of different blogs you visit, what makes you pick the ones you pick to visit? Or pick the ones you like?

    I like it when you list some of the blogs you visit, it's fun to see!

  4. Odie...Geez, I don't know what to say. That's a pretty high pedestal you just put me on....haha. Congratulations to you and to everyone else. Odie you are as down to earth and honest and those are great qualities in a person and a writer. Hugs.

  5. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing new sites to visit - I'll check them out in my spare time!

    I still have to get on those wine suggestions you gave me...I've almost worked up the courage to try again :)

  6. congratulations!

    also, thanks so much for your words on my post "Is It Cougar Season???" i appreciate any and all feedback, but it was nice to hear your story in particular. thanks! :)

  7. Congrats, Odie!!

    Had fun catching up with your posts!

  8. Congrats, Odie! You deserve it! My favorite on your list is traveling to places you have never seen. My favorite thing in the world.

  9. Congrats Odie! I hope you don't get the freezing rain (us too).

  10. congrats on the award! i found you through This and found Kathiey from you.

  11. Congrats Odie. I love your blog, Each time I visit it feels a bit like going home. Thanks:-)

  12. Congratulations Odie, you deserve it! And it makes me feel really honoured that you've passed it on to me, especially considering all the wonderful blog friends you have. I am gradually making my way around visiting as many as I can.