Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Peaceful Saturday Morning in NC

Good morning blog family. We have had our share of fun with the last couple of posts and that is all good. Everyone needs to smile at funny times and I really had to stretch out on some of that craziness.

I have been reading through all the blog posts this morning and I am I happy to report that there was mostly positive posts all over the blog world that I follow and that makes me very happy. Of course there are friends out there that are still struggling but with a good attitude and hope for the better days ahead.

Rocky is so excited that the weekend is here and has Linda & I to hold him and play with him. It must be a really lonesome time during the week when he is here all by himself but I suppose he spends a lot of that time sleeping in Linda's recliner. We have to be prepared when we get home because he greets us and is so excited to see us that he pees wherever he is when we touch him. So, there is always a cleanup period after the greeting but that is OK because we love him.

Was sad to find out from a blog friend that John Dye died recently. He was a very good actor and a key role on Touched by an Angel, one of my all time favorite shows. I have spend many times watching that show and crying like a baby at the end. Must get that from my dad. I can still remember seeing him cry watching Bonanza. He was a softy and I guess it's in the genes.

Not much on the agenda here in chilly 30 degrees NC today. It seems to take something really pressing to drive us out into the cold these days but by the afternoon it should be warmed up enough to venture out and get some much needed sunlight.

Know without a doubt that each of you are special to me and have done so much to help me through what could have been a bleak holiday season. Your friendship has truly helped me and by doing so has helped my family and that is really a blessing. Thanks again & have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Enjoy your time off and relax a bit!!

  2. You're the best Odie. Always there with a cheery thought or a kind word. You are very much appreciated and loved. Please know that.

    Pooldad and I had a giggle at your description of Rocky's welcome home. Seems Scooby and Rocky may be related and we call it "happy water" b/c the dog is so dang happy to see any of us at the end of the day. [Eventhough I am home ALL day with him. :D]

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Dye. That is sad. I get the tearing up scenario - I can't watch a Kleenex commercial without doing it. And "Touched By an Angel" was so moving. I miss Michael Landon too.

    Hope you stay warm - I still can't believe you all are still freezing down there.

  3. Lovely words there Odie. You are very important to us as well. You always uplift us, and I did enjoy that bit of silliness with the photos over the past few days! As you say, we all have to break out sometimes. My daughter's puppy over in France does exactly the same thing as Rocky when they arrive home!! I used to love watching Bonanza by the way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I do hope that you managed to get some sun. It's been very dark and dismal over here for these past few days.

  4. In her younger years my Cocker Spaniel always peed when people walked in the door. She outgrew that habit a few years ago. Yes Odie, we lots of fun here on your site over the last couple of days. There is indeed a time to laugh and I believe in taking advantage of it because the time to cry will come soon enough. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend way way up there in the cold, frozen north (Carolina).

  5. my eldest dog does that! She just gets so excited! Glad you are having a lovely weekend and hope you are smiling by Monday :)

    Blog love from Scotland

  6. Thanks Odie for giving us all a good chuckle. With all the sad news and rancor in the world, sharing giggles with friends is a great thing!

  7. It was fun, Odie. I grew up watching Bonanza and loved it. I recently bought a DVD with 34 episodes on it.

  8. Odie - my daughter's friend has a dog who is a touch crazy - louise always waits a few momonts before knocking at the door cos she can hear oscar sniffing, working out just who's there!!
    there is a new baby in the house now - of the human variety! Oscar used baby's tum fior a pillow onw day, but other than that, he's been unfazed by this new recruit to the family! Mind you, the odd sniff as he passes, but he seems happy