Thursday, January 13, 2011

Because Belle Asked for it

Belle, I tried but could only find bad pictures of Harrison Ford on horseback. This will have to do for now.


  1. Odie, I hate to tell you this. There are no bad pictures of Harrison Ford. I'm afraid this guy is too young for me! I couldn't keep up with him.

  2. Belle, I have a hypothetical question for you:

    If Harrison and Kato were together on a sinking boat and you could only save one...

  3. Oh but Belle, think of what you could teach this young man! hahahaha

  4. Odie,
    If I ask real nice, could you get me Jake Gyllenhaal? He doesn't even have to be on a horse!

  5. Wow...O_O -drool-

    -needs to concentrate...-

    OH LOOK AT THAT HORSE! -shifty eyes-

    Dang that is interesting haha.

  6. Man, you guys are funny! Let's see, Kato or Harrison. It would have to be Harrison because I've known him longer.
    Barb-I guess that is true since he looks too young to have much experience!

  7. If I ask real nice, could you get me Corbin Bernson mud wrestling Mickey Rourke.....if you have it?

    Did I go to the well once too often?

  8. That is a disturbing image, Shady. Mickey Rourke is so unattractive (the nicest word I could think of).

  9. mmmmmmmmm very very nice, drool drool drool!

    I wouldn't mind teaching him some stuff!

  10. Glad Belle got her wish - even if it isn't Harrison.

    There are two versions of Mr. Ford. The Star Wars era and the old man with an earring/Colista Flockhart Ford era.

    Give me Hans Solo [and the Wookie] any day over Mrs. Flockhart - Ford version.

    Now if you tossed any of the Bond men in there...well....I don't think I would object.


  11. Tsk, and to think you gave me a hard time over the pic on my post lol.

    I had to check twice whos blog I was visiting.
    Always love a bit of eye candy. Thanks Odie

  12. Mmmmmm! Nice! And Belle - you are a naughty girl!! LOL!