Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ashley's Housewarming Party

The party girl herself, Ashley. My only grandaughter wanting to spread her wings and experience the world on her own.

Pam my oldest daughter and Karen the middle daughter. My youngest, Rachel could not make it due to a previous appointment.

Ashley & 3 of her friends. I am bad with names but the girl in the middle on the couch is going to be sharing the new digs with her. She ended up with a full set of kitchen utensils, bake ware, plates, bowls, glasses, a wall plaque, pillows and a large package of toilet paper. A very good start for them.

The goodie table before we made a huge dent in the great munchies.

Chilling in the kitchen before the guests arrive.

Mother and daughter

Just a view of her Pam's apartment. Haven't been to Ashley's new place yet.

Entertainment center

It was a good time being with most of my girls. We made a stop at Sams Club on the way back and the closer we got to home the darker the sky looked. We actually made it in our house about "3" minutes before the rain and winds came. Now we are settling in for the evening. Have a good night and sweet dreams everyone.


  1. That's so nice Odie. A first apartment is very exciting. Nice to give her a celebration.

  2. Thanks for showing us pictures of the housewarming party, Odie. I even got the chance to see my friend Puppy Kisses. We finally got some rain down here to break the long drought.

  3. Looks like a lovely party. She will have so much fun with her roommate. I once lived in an apartment with three other girls. We had great times.

  4. she must be so excited becoming an independent young lady. I remember it well :)

  5. How exciting! Tell Ashley that Kathiey said enjoy this new chapter in your life. I just said a prayer for her and her new adventure.
    Take care Odie:-)

  6. Your daughters are beautiful, as is your grandaughter. What a nice idea to have a housewarming party--almost like a shower to help get them started.

    Brings me back to my first place, I lived on popcorn, raisons and slimfast. Worked 3 of them Subway, so I'd get a free sandwich every time I worked.

    Everyone has to go through that, it will help her grow!

  7. How lovely to have 'met' two of your three daughters and your granddaughter, Odie! It's great when families live close enough to be able to get together for celebratory occasions. It would have meant a lot to Ashley, I'm sure, to have had her granddad there to wish her well on her new big step towards independence :)

  8. That's a lovely post Odie and so sorry I am so late getting here! Blame Blogger being down all day on Friday, and then I've been away for the weekend. How exciting for Ashley to be branching out on her own with a friend. It's a good thing when they can become independant like that, and I'm sure you're all very proud of her. Lovely pics of the family, which I always love to see!

  9. I guess the party was lovely and you are all there to support and give goodluck for her:)