Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Update

Hope all my blog friends have had a great friday. My morning consisted of mostly blogging, reading more on the book from my blog friend Karen and downloaded another into my Kindle that was reviewed by another of my blog friends, Alexia over at The Mommie Rambles. It is a murder mystery called "Love you more". You should stop by her site and read the review.

The people at the dental office was supposed to call me so I waited until about 3 PM and found out my plate had been delivered at lunch time so I made the 45 minute drive to retrieve my plate and I have to admit they did an awesome job. Hopefully it will last a long time now.

While I was in town I took time to visit my Aunt Katie and took her a plate of food I had cooked yesterday. I found a package of chicken leg quarters on sale and cooked the whole package in my pressure cooker, took the chicken out to cool and strained the small pieces of bones and stuff, then cooked some curly pasta in the chicken broth. Later I added the chicken I had removed from the bones and it was really good. I also cooked some pork ribs in an oven bag with vinegar and crushed red pepper low and slow for about 4 hours. Aunt Katie was excited to get the comfort food for later.

Now to all the ladies out there in blog world HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. I know it's early but tomorrow will be a very busy day since Linda & I have to travel to Siler City to see her Aunt Frances at the independant living facility that is her new home. They are having family day there tomorrow starting at noon so it will probably be kind of late when we make it back. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


  1. Hey Odie, have a great time in Siler City. Safe travels. Happy Mothers day to Linda:-)
    I am having a bad day today. Feeling really down. Please say a would mean alot.

  2. Thanks Odie. Wish your love wife the same from me. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I'm glad you had a chance to check in on Aunt Katie. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, good buddy!

  4. It is so nice of you to cook delicious food for your aunt. I'm sure she appreciates it. Have a great weekend at Silver City!

  5. Odie, I'm impressed! You've got skills in the kitchen AND you're kind hearted and giving. Your Auntie will LOVE that you cooked for her. There is nothing like homemade grub.

  6. Like the others Odie, I think that it's lovely that you thought of your Auntie Katie and took her over that wonderful (I can smell it right across the pond!!) home cooked food. You're certainly getting good use from your Smoker. Thank you for thinking of all the mums out there - have a lovely weekend and a safe journey tomorrow.

  7. Safe travels today, dearest Odie and Linda. Enjoy the visit and the good food!
    Have a wonderful weekend at Silver City!!