Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Latest Discovery - Grand Asia Market

We had seen this place from the beltline in the Raleigh/Cary, NC area and wanted to scope it out so since we had to travel to Fuquay-Varina anyway for Ashley's house warming party it was a perfect time to check it out. Having a GPS to guide us was also a blessing.

While making our way to the check out we approached their bakery and OMG. We saw a roll about 6 to 8 inches long and 4 inches wide cooked with spring onions on the top and were still warm and the softest roll I have ever touched. Needless to say Linda and I sat in car and ate one each before continuing our journey.

In their fish department at the back of the market they have these huge glass containers with live fish. These are not little aquarium fish, they were a good 6 to 8 inches long and 4 inches tall and there were hundreds of them. Talk about fresh fish.

It is on Buck Jones Road, in Cary, NC.

These cats were so cute especially since the left arm was constantly waving at us.

They even had little miniature kittys in these containers. A little hard to see in the containers but they were cute as well.

Of course they had the typical Chinese figures on sale.

Dragons & dainty serving sets are always popular on the Asian scene.

A big display of chop sticks in all colors.

Very interesting items that make you want to stop and study them longer.

Unusual but very attractive ceramic creatures unique to this market.

I love this little ship with the unique figures on it. So much of their items were so eye catching and had the look of being very well made.

Crunchy rice snacks that are a variety of flavors. Haven't tried this one yet.

This is a 3 stack small package of sesame crisp that should be very tasty.

Spring onion crackers, YUMMY. Haven't opened them yet but am sure they will be very good.

These are a crispy rice snack with a sweet glaze on them. I have already eaten about half of this bag.

These are individually wrapped little cakes with a pineapple center. They are very good.

I have always been a fan of ginger and will certainly enjoy these individually wrapped little candies.


  1. I love onions, Odie, and those rolls must have been outta this world! I can practically taste those onion crackers from this side of the screen, too! There's a small Asian market across town from me and I've shopped there a couple of times. Now I have the urge to get back over there and stock up!

  2. How interesting! What a fun place to just stop and look.

  3. Many years ago, my stepson got a gift basket sent to him from a client in Japan. He gave it to me and it was filled with all these different crackers, noodles etc. Odie, they were the most horrible tasting things I've ever eaten. Bland too. Hope these are much better than those were. Haha. Fun sounding store!

  4. wow, I feel as though I just did a shopping trip through the Asian market! Great photos, thanks for sharing the trip!

  5. Wow, you two certainly had fun scouting out that market and came away with some tasty treats! I too love ginger!

  6. My goodness, those enormous rolls sound DIVINE! I love the thought of you and Linda enjoying a fresh one in yoour car. I would do the same!

    I'd like to try one of those pineapple cakes. I love the pineapple emapanadas my mom makes. I wonder if these are the Asian version.

  7. That is a beautiful store! I loved seeing the figurines too. My granddaughter, Cherish, loves using chopsticks. I think I'll get her some pretty ones like the ones in your photo.

  8. I've always loved those tea sets; not sure what I'd do with one if I caved and bought it though LOL It looks like a fantastic place to wander - thanks for sharing!

  9. That looks like a lovely place to look around, Odie. How surprising to discover this store! I have some blue chop stick and use them every now and then, the children love love eating their rice with these cute sticks!
    Have a wonderful new week, my friend

  10. Hi Odie, thanks for another great post and one that helps me investigate new places in NC. The cats are called Maneki Neko. They are meant to bring luck, sales and money for shopkeepers! I have been meaning to get one for the Knees and Paws shop:) Thanks for showing me where I can go to find one. Hope you're having a great week my friend.

  11. I love those rice crackers! A huge Asian grocery store just opened near us a few months ago. They carry a bazzilion different types of rice crackers and sweets. Wasabi peas are another favourite of mine! So much fun to go shopping there. And all the packaging is so bright and playful. Thanks for taking us along on your little side trip! - G

  12. Looks like an interesting place Odie. I will have to check it out:-)