Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Give - A - Way

My friend Saskia over at Join My Joy is having a give-a-way. Included will be a wooden heart with a choice of color, 2 attractive pens and scratch pad. Details over at her place. Check her out. She is a lovely lady that will light up your day.


  1. I'm popping over there right now, Odie!

  2. Wow, dearest Odie, it is so sweet of you to write this lovely post on my giveaway. Thank you very much. I threw the 3 dearest sweet Odie notes in the giveaway bowl. My fingers are crossed for you!
    I hope you are enjoying a happy merry lovely midweek. Mine is coming to an end and I am enjoying my last cup of green evening tea xx

  3. That's a very pretty gift! Thanks for the invite.