Sunday, May 22, 2011

BBQ at the Lake

Thomas dived off this pier many times and really enjoyed the water.

This beautiful day brought out a lot of boat activity.

I love looking at clouds like this.

Plenty of shade kept the day very comfortable.

The star of the show.

One of the south's traditions, Brunswick Stew.

A bucket of bones after the meat was pulled off.

My personal favorite, the perfectly cooked chickens.

Another view of the pig

Can you tell, the plates were way too small to hold all the different dishes available.

The sweet & pretty Miss Haley Brooke.

Linda's brother Junior greeting his guests. He did an awesome job making everyone feel right at home.

In closing but certainly not least and thinking about Shady's love of animals, Junior's neighbors were there with their two beautiful Labs. The black one really enjoyed the water.


  1. what a lovely day you've had. Love the pics :)

  2. looks like everyone had a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing:-)

  3. Such a serene spot, Odie, and the weather looked perfect for the cookout. Thank you for including pictures of those dogs romping in the water. I appreciate it, good buddy!

  4. What a wonderful day! Perfect weather, beautiful setting, great company and what a tremendous spread, meal wise! It all looked so well-organised...Wow! After all of that, I'll bet you all needed a good nap...I know I would have! Linda's brother is very fortunate to live in such a super setting, right at the edge of the lake and how nice that he makes it available to everyone for an occasion such as this. Great pictures of everyone, Odie and a lovely one of you and Linda :) I also loved seeing the Labs having a happy time...they were probably royally spoilt with tidbits from everyone :)

  5. Wow! What a the pictures. Glad I stopped by but now I am hungry. lol!


  6. This is indeed a BBQ :) so much food, but in the end there were also plenty of attendees :)

  7. Good food and good company! There is nothing better, Odie. What a lovely place too. Thanks for the pics.

  8. Now that's a Barbecue! Good folks, Good food, Good fun!!!

  9. As Bouncin'Barb says, that sure was some barbecue, Odie - awesome!! Looks like a lovely setting, and I really enjoyed seeing all these photos today. That was a lovely photo of you and Linda. You're looking very proud in that photo, and quite rightly so dear friend.

  10. Looks like so much fun! The pig looks scrumptious. ^_^

  11. Hmmm that bbq food looks delicious! :) My gosh I want some.

    Also, the doggies are gorgeous and so is the little boy at the beginning. Great pics. Glad you had a fabulous time.

  12. Great picture of you and Linda!!

    Looks like a great time! Can't wait til it warms up here!

    My dad used to be a pig farmer and we used to roast pigs!! (but back then, they'd dig a hole)

  13. I am soooo very hungry right now!! Looks like a great time. :)

  14. What a wonderful day and Brunswick Stew seems like interesting..I wonder how does it taste?

  15. i love your pictures....thanks for sharing them!! hugs to you

  16. Wow, what a brilliant day you all had! I just wish I could have been there too. The food looked so delicious and you all looked so happy. I just need to find out what this Brunswick Stew is as I haven't heard of it before and it looks great.

    Thanks so much for sharing this little slice of american life with me!

    Best wishes always,

  17. You know how to throw a BBQ!