Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ducky Derby

The Ducky Derby was held at the Weldon, NC park by the Roanoke River on saturday the 18th and it was a beautiful day for it. My daughter Rachel was there with my two grandsons, Kaden & Matthew. They are here enjoying one of the rides.

Matthew enjoying a cool piece of watermellon.

My wife and the boys cooling it in the shade.

I don't ride motorcycles but I thought this one was unique.

One of the games that kids could play. Hit the pad making the bell ring to win an inflated huge hammer or bat. Every kid won whether they made it ring or not.

Fun on the swings for my family.

Matthew enjoying the slide.

Kaden enjoying the slide.

The brothers together.

Kaden's favorite event crawling under the car and then sliding down.

The back of the car slide.

Star of the show.

Piles of ducks you could purchase for a chance to win big bucks. The purchased ducks were poured into the river and they floated down to a point where the first one to cross a line won the money.


  1. OH, your wife, daughter and grandchildren are beautiful!!

    That is a pretty cool motorcycle, looks almost "safe" to ride!!!

    ....I used to have a boyfriend who had a motorcycle, but that was in my much, much younger days!!

  2. Your family is so adorable!!! How proud you must be!!!!

    We have a ducky derby back home in Wisconsin. It takes place in Coon Valley, WI and its called something like that Great River Duck Race...Hold on let me google it....Its not the Great River....I think its the Coon Creek Duck Race. I can't find a link.

    And that motorcycle was sweet!!!

  3. The Duck Derby looks like way to much fun! It looks like you all had a great day!

  4. looks like a fun day...........and you have cute grand children!