Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Month and Counting

I haven't really been counting days but tomorrow will be exactly one month until we board the Carnival Glory. It has been such a long year waiting for an October vacation but it will definately be worth it.
The experience will be a little different this time because it will be the first time going without a child. My wife and I will be more relaxed and able to take full advantage of the time away from the stressful surroundings we have to deal with on a daily basis.
My blogging friends have been on my mind lately as the cruise gets closer and I know I will not be able to make it a whole week without checking in on everyone. We will have to budget some computer time while out at sea.
Again I will say that if you have never been on a cruise give it a try. There are short 3 day cruises and I guarantee before it is over you will already be thinking about the next one. If anyone ever exceeds your expectations it will be certainly be the employees on a cruise ship.


  1. I LOVE cruising! Went on my first one in April and plan on going on another one next year! And you're right! The service on a cruise ship can't be beat!

  2. I've never been on a cruise, but it always looks like so much fun! I doubt I could be patient enough to wait a YEAR for one though!

  3. I have never been on a cruise ship either - Have a super fun time. I just realized I know practically NOTHING about you. I see your married. When you get the chance, please write me about yourself.

  4. Oooh! I'm so jealous! I would love to go on a cruise (actually any vacation at all at this point). I'm saving up for my 40th birthday to go on a cruise with my girlfriend. I'm sure you'll have an awesome time! I love vacation-count-downs. The best kind!

  5. been thinking about taking boyfriend on an alaskin cruise