Thursday, September 2, 2010


My day was going pretty good this morning until I got a phone call. You see I am a service manager for an office machine dealership and I have 5 technicians that I schedule every day to perform service on machines over most of eastern NC. Most of the time it goes smoothly but as I have told them time and time again, all it takes is one phone call to change all that.

One of my guys called about 20 minutes ago with sinus problems and can't make it today so that means 4 or 5 customers will have to be patient a little while longer. Take one step forward and two steps back. Hard to catch up that way.

Oddly enough it seems that almost always it is the younger employees that habitually are out sick while the employees that are nearing retirement age are the ones that show up consistently. Go figure!!

Praise God it is going to be an awesome day since it is what you make it.


  1. I always thought the "younger" set did not have as strong of a work ethic as the over 50 crowd. Now perhaps I'm thinking they have the right idea. Life is short - take care of yourself, work will always be there.

  2. lol- oh amen to The Good Cook!!!I'm 50 but if I could- I'd be calling out a lot more than I do now....maybe. Only time I call out now is if I have a migraine or if I'm throwing up....but I've been like that since 1983 when I was the only one to work and take care of my babies. My work ethic was horrible before I became a single parent.

  3. I will say a couple prayers for your day to go better!

    I think the young crowd has the wrong idea. I like good work ethic, it's what our country was built on, way back when God was allowed to be a part of that.

    God bless you Odie, you've got a good attitude I'm sure things will get better!

    I'm turning 41 next week, just like your daughter!! I bet your girls think they have a pretty cool dad who blogs and has all these blogging friends, huh?

  4. you have a good foundation of hard work. at least you should be grateful for that!

  5. They'll grow up eventually and not miss as much......