Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am so thankful to my God for allowing me to be here to love and serve Him. He has blessed me in so many ways and I cannot thank Him enough.

I am thankful for my family meaning mine personally and my wife's family. We may be separated by miles but we are still close in many ways.

I am thankful for my health in a time when so many of my friends and extended family are going through painful times suffering loss or some form of illness I cannot remember the last time I was sick.

I am so thankful for Rocky being in our lives. He brings us such happiness and peace and joy. All he wants is to be loved and we have so much of that to give him in large quantities every day. Couldn't imagine a day without him.
I am thankful for my blog friends that I come closer to each day. Who would have ever thought before June that I would know so many wonderful people and have over 60 blogs posted already.
I am thankful that in 18 days my wife and I will finally be boarding the Carnival Glory for a week of complete relaxation.
I am thankful for a new friend I have now in Tanzania, Africa through Compassion International. My first letter to "Jackson" went out this week and I pray it will be a rewarding experience for both of us.
I am thankful for my place of employment. In a time when so many small companies are being taken over by huge companies I work for a family run company and we think of each other like family.
I am thankful for this country we live in that while it seems to be heading in the wrong direction spiritually with priorities that need to redirected it still is, I think, the best place to be on earth.


  1. What a lovely way to start the day. Being thankful. I think I am going to take the next few minutes and offer up my thanks for the many blessings I have in my life. Thank you for the reminder to be ever grateful.

  2. Very nice things to be thankful for. Thank you also for doing this and spreading it!!

  3. It does make a person feel happy inside reading such happy, thankful things!

  4. I like your Thankful Thursday posts.
    I think i'll take you lead and do the same on my blog.
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Odie -

    I do agree with you about this country being going the wrong way...but we can just pray for it and speak out when we can. And pray pray pray...God knows the future.

    Its amazing your story about just starting blogging and how you have made such wonderful friends already....WOW...

    And I love the Thankful Thursdays. I have to remind myself to blog every day and especially on Thursdays. Its a great reminder to count your blessings.

    I am really glad we have become friends. I look forward to your comments on my blog, email, and on facebook. Its been so fun getting to know someone so far away. And your so open and honest and kind.

    I am very excited for you and your wife to be going on this trip. Take LOTS of pictures. I am scared to travel. Someday I will have to tell you my story.

    Thanks for caring about things that are happening with me - like my niece - Emma joy - Her third open heart surgery is this next summer.

    I would like to hear more about how you got this African Pen pal - Can you email me about it or message me on facebook? Don't put it on my wall because I might not see it. I would like to hear more about Jackson.

    I also would like you to message me about you. I think you put it on my wall - but I didn't get a chance to really read it. And its gone now. Please message me.