Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Medoc Mountain State Park

Medoc Mountain State Park in NC is a wonderful place that is unknown to many in our state. It has trails for all ages and beauty everywhere you look.

The stream trail is only about 1 mile and easy for the young and old alike following Fishing Creek with colored splotches on trees to keep you on course.

The bluff trail takes you over hills that give you a good workout but the sumit trail is what a lot of visitors come to conquer. It is about 4 miles and the grade is sometimes so steep that you remember why they call it Medoc "Mountain" even though it is really not a mountain. Only due to the rise that takes place in such a short distance.

Along with the beauty pictured here there is also a picnic area with grills, restrooms, tables under a covered area and pay phone. For the camping enthusiest there is a solar powered bath house.

My 3 girls and I have walked the trails so many times and have such fond memories of enjoyable times spent there. If you are ever in eastern NC give it a try. The price is right "FREE".


  1. Beautiful park! Nice to hear you talk about your girls, how old are they now?

  2. Sounds great! I need to find some trails around MI for the boys and I to wander!

  3. It doesn't get prettier than that.....sounds like great memories!