Friday, September 3, 2010

The Trestle House Inn

Just outside of the beautiful town of Edenton, NC is a bed & breakfast that my wife and I have stayed many times and always look forward to the next opportunity.
Operated by Peter, who is a walking encyclopedia of the area, will make you feel so welcome and at home. Not to forget the gormet breakfast he serves every morning. His muffins are to die for as the saying goes.
As you can see the Inn has water on 3 sides with a fountain in the rear with the sound on the other side of the trees out to the left. To the right rear is a residence with a huge flock of white racing pigeons that entertain you all the time. Canada geese make frequent stops to feed, mate and also entertain. On a log at the left rear will usually be some rather large turtles who nest here.
The Inn is 3 stories with one being a basement where Peter resides and is over 10,000 sq. ft. in all. One thing that impressed me is that the basement actually stretches out and under the parking area to give an idea of deminsions. It was previously owned by a man who was part of the maffia and is called the Trestle house because it is mostly constructed from large timbers taken from an old railroad threstle on the west coast and shipped here. There are exposed beams in the ceilings and the huge fireplace is constructed of large rocks the owner collected all over the country.
One of the treats while staying there is the back deck which is elevated off the ground level giving you full view of the water and wildlife activity. Also it provides a excellent spot to sit and get to know the other guests that may be there.
If this looks like a get a way spot for you to try why not give Peter a call at 1-800-645-8466 and build a memory.


  1. Oh wow- I wish we had time and funds for a weekend there before we make the big move!!!!!

    What a LOVELY place!!! The only thing I don't see that might add to the appeal is a swimming pool.

    Maybe hubby and I can stay there for our 10th Anniversary!!!

  2. I like it. It's pretty. I bet quiet and relaxing.

  3. Looks lovely and restful.