Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend at last

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. It is still quite hot here in NC with temperatures in the upper 90's but the forecast last night indicated that tomorrow and monday would only be in the 70's. Time will tell and I am ready for cooler weather.

Was a busy morning grocery shopping and then back home preparing the dishes for the weekend. I have one of Ree Drummonds favorites in the oven. Beer braised beef roast with onions. Also made a batch of make ahead breakfast spread to put on english muffins, also from Ree's blog. Should be really great with chopped up boiled eggs, bacon, dijon mustard, mayo, garlic powder and worchestershire sauce and a couple of cups of shredded cheese. Will be trying it for breakfast in the morning.

Will be doing another dish later that is called Cheesy Chicken Soup that I got off someones blog but can't remember where. Basically it is carrots & onions cooked in butter with milk, flour, chicken broth. When it is thickened you add the already cooked chicken and cheese and heat until the cheese is melted. Should be a real comfort food dish. Instead of using expensive chicken breast I found a deal on a whole chicken for less than $3 and cooked it in my pressure cooker so the cooked chicken is waiting for the rest of it to be put together.

Needless to say I love to cook and also love to share good things


  1. Oh man...That soup sounds WONDERFUL!!! I may have to get that recipe from you!!! Like you- I sometimes use whole chicken instead of JUST chicken breast in recipes- especially soup/casserole dishes. -With chicken breasts AND thights the flavor just seems to EXPLODE!!!

    btw- have you ever had Coc Au Vin? It's basically a chicken dish with a fancy French name That means Chicken With Wine. Can't taste the wine in it- just the rich flavor of the chicken and it will melt in your mouth. I put it over mashed potatoes and serve a side of green beans and biscuits with it- PERFECT for Sunday Dinner. I have a crock-pot version of it too- put it on the night beofre and it's ready after church.
    Dang- now I can't stop thinking about that soup you mentioned...I'm SOOOOOOO ready for that cool weather to get here...I'm at my happiest with it between 59 and 67 degrees!!

  2. sounds like a nice morning. :O)

  3. Hi, Odie! I have been reading, just so busy have not had time to comment. I love Ree's recipes, don't you? I have made her cinnamon rolls several times and they are THE BOMB! I made a quick and easy dish the other night, sauteed some pepper chunks and onion with some sliced smoked sausage, threw in a drained can of pineapple tidbits and some crushed red pepper and then poured a jar of Sweet and Sour sauce over all - served with white rice. You can leave the crushed red pepper out if you don't like it or put more in and heat it up! Have a good day, my friend!


  4. That spread sounds pretty good - I may have to try it!