Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let Me Introduce You

Well folks, I have been doing this for coming up on a year now and thought it was about time I introduced you to some of my blog family. Some may and probably will already know most of the ones I mention but I do have some new followers and as of this morning the total is up to an amazing "109". Still hard to believe.

I'll start with one that may be new to all of you. Susan Carpenter is a teacher at Summers Knoll Elementary School in Ann Arbor Michigan. Her blog title is Our Classroom Blog. I have been following their blog for some time and Susan continues to amaze me with the level of learning the children in her class is receiving. They learn about statistical analysis, cell structure, the environment and many more awesome subjects. I encourage you to check them out.

Another great blog is hosted by an amazing lady named Jenna and her blog is titled Cold Antler Farm. She works a regular job like most folks but also operates Cold Antler Farm where she lives in up state NY. She just celebrated her first year on the farm and has quite an assortment of creatures there. Black faced sheep who just had 6 new lambs born, chickens raised for meat and eggs, rabbits, geese, 3 dogs and a newly acquired pony. She also has a way with words and can paint a picture in your mind allowing you to feel like you are there. She plays the banjo and is an inspiration to anyone wanting to be a small farm owner. Check her out.

One of my buddies is Shady Dell Knight over at Shady Dell Music & Memories where you will be educated and entertained about music that became part of the 'slives of teenagers in a small town in Pa. back in the late 60's and early 70's. While there you can listen to some of the all time great tunes that you may have loved but haven't heard in a long time. I highly recommend this blog to everyone.

For your enjoyment next comes Crystal over at Crystal's A Pistol. She is a beautiful lady with such a sense of humor and love for her children. If you go there, I guarantee you'll go back for more. Give her a try.

One of my long time friends is Jamie Jo over at "Lord, make me a saint". She is a beautiful lady with 5 amazing children who she homeschools. She is a Catholic and her love of God is plain to see in every post. Everyone should have a Jamie Jo in their list of friends.

In Canada I give you Belle, a beautiful lady that is so much fun to know and love. She is always encouraging and her life experiences are so interesting. Don't let her title fool you. Tales from a loser who is sometimes a winner. She will always be a winner in my book.

That's enough to start with, more to come.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Odie! I appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend, good buddy!

  2. I know a couple of those names there, Odie and I agree with you, they are really beautiful people, and so supportive of their blogging friends. Lovely post. Bet you can't believe that you've been blogging for almost a year. I have been blogging for exactly six months now, and I can't imagine going back to life without all my dear blogging friends, and you're certainly one of them my friend.

  3. So glad to hear you were able to enjoy some gardening today, too! I am on my way to bed now but quickly wanted to let you know I was here and will make a point of stopping by each of your blogging friends just as soon as I have some free time. For now, I'm sending you a special hug for being such a super person ;)

  4. So sweet, Odie! Thank you, friend.

  5. Thanks for introducing us to these other awesome bloggers, Odie! :)

  6. Ahhh, Odie, you brought tears to my eyes!!!
    I was really surprised to see me on there, I'm honored!

    Uh, I see you are up to 111 now!!

    Really, you are too nice to me! I always look forward to your comments and great posts each day!

    God bless you Odie!

  7. That was fun going on your blog tour, thanks for linking those!

  8. Nice idea Odie. Almost a year!!!! Woo hoo.

  9. Hey! You talked about ME up there! Thank you! Wow. I'm speechless. You are so kind. :) Congrats on all your new folowers.

  10. Thanks so much for including me, Odie. It is kind of you to share your friends!

  11. Oh how fun! I will definitely check out these blogs. Thanks so much for doing these posts for all of us to help introduce us to other blogs we may come to love! (And as always, thanks so much for your comments at my blog.)