Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recipes "E"

Easy and Healthy Taco Salad:


2 lbs. ground turkey or chicken

2 packages of taco seasoning

2 8 oz cream cheese

1 16 oz sour cream

1 15 oz refried beans

1 16 oz jar of chunky salsa - mild or medium

1 16 oz bag of fiesta blend cheese

1 lb of shredded lettuce

1 12 oz can of black olives chopped

Crumble ground turkey or chicken in pan and cook until browned (no need to drain). Add taco seasoning and follow instructions on packages for amount of water & cooking time. Place aside. Mix softened cream cheese, sour cream and refried beans. Spread mixture in bottom of 13 X 9 pan. pour crumbled turkey or chicken over the mixture. Add a layer of salsa, lettuce and top with shredded cheese and then the chopped olives. Serve chilled with your favorite taco chips.

Easy Rocky Road Fudge:


12 oz. bag of milk chocolate chips

14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk

1/4 bag of mini-marshmallows

6 oz. bag pecans or nut of your choice

Put about a 1/2 inch of water in bottom of double broiler. Put can of condensed milk and chocolate chips in the top pan and melt over medium heat. Keep stirring. When chips are completely melted, pour in pecans. Remove pan from heat and add marshmallows. Pour mixture into a greased 9 X 9 or thicker pieces or 13 X 9 pan for thinner pieces. Cool, cut and serve.

You can personalize this by adding more nuts, marshmallows or other items.


  1. I love creative salads, Odie, and this is one that I'd like to sample. People laugh at me because I never use salad dressing but it helps me fight the battle of the bulge! Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday, Odie!

  2. I love taco salad, Odie. My kids loved it too. Good recipie.

  3. oh, that taco salad looks good!!! what a great post! you can see mine here .
    Oh and I'm your newest follower! :)