Monday, April 18, 2011

Port Angeles, Washington

In another life I had this ever present dream & desire to be in Port Angeles, Washington. The primary reason being to live nearer to my friend Gloria Fred in British Columbia which is just a ferry ride across the bay instead of 3,000 miles.

Of course there are other reasons to pick that location to settle down. The strongest of these is the climate which varies from the 30's in the winter to 70's in the summer. It is nestled between the mountains and the sea and only gets about 25 inches of rainfall a year. The mountains rise to 7,000 feet and are south and west of the town acting as a barrier to a lot of the rain or bad weather.

Olympic State Park is near as well as many interesting areas to investigate. I have never been there but know in my mind that I would love what it has to offer.


  1. It seems like a wonderful place not only to visit but to live, Odie. No temperature extremes and sheltered from the storms. Plus, all that beautiful scenery!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place, but if I ever move, it will be to a place that has sunshine and warm weather year around.

    Heard on the news that storm chasers are driving to St. Louis because of the bad weather predicted between 3-9 pm today. That sounds pretty seriously like tornado weather again.

    Thank you for your suggestions on my blog, by the way.

  3. Definitely sounds like a great place to live. Great to stop by from the A-Z challenge.


  4. I concur! Living in the Pacific Northwest is amazing. Some people say that it rains a lot here in Vancouver, BC, but the summers are so pleasant and mild. We really have it easy here on the "Wet Coast", compared to other provinces that have 30 below weather extremes in the Winter.
    I hope the weather where you are is Ok. I've heard that there have been a lot of treacherous storms on the East Coast. Take care! - G

  5. hi Odie:)

    i used to dream about living near the ocean and i love fresh seafood but....i've gotten used to living in the rockies and in the desert. now you couldn't get me to leave desert country, ever! my wife would love that country though, i think. the 70's is too cold for me!

  6. Sparky and I love our trips to Washington ( my Mum lives there0 and he travels there a lot for work too. Great post my friend. Hugs!

  7. The northwest is beautiful country. This place sounds great. I'm staying in the south though!

  8. It sounds absolutely wonderful. I have been having this desire lately to go to Savannah, Georgia. I have never been but I started reading a book whose story centers around the city and all of the sudden I just feel like I must go :)

    You're my XXX button holder for the next week or two. Just wanted you to know.

  9. And I just had to be your 100th follower :) *muah*!