Monday, April 25, 2011

Vision and the Human Eye

Before clicking on start scroll down to my playlist and pull the sound down so it will not be playing at the same time. Now enjoy.


  1. The human body - actually all living bodies - plants, animals, even bacteria, are so amazingly complex that it is difficult to believe that they all could be nothing more than the result of a series of genetic accidents. I like to believe that we are all a part of something much more meaningful than that. Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing it. - G

  2. I assume that Randall is alluding to their being a controlling force in the creation of the eyesight. I'm sorry but I don't go along with that and believe that evolution over time does create this. Like the man says, he is not a molecular biologist, he is a lawyer and not in a position to speak with authority about this.