Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You and Welcome to My World

Just a note to all of you who have just started following "The Simple Life". As of today there are 102 of you and that humbles this old boy who never dreamed when I started this thing one day back in June of last year that it would ever amount to anything but a place to put my random thoughts.

I have acquired quite a large blog family and through it all I believe we have actually helped each other and enriched our daily lives along the way. I hope that will be the experience my new followers will feel so again I say thank you for stopping by and deciding to follow along my journey. It is appreciated so very much.



  1. Congratulations on passing 100 followers, Odie! You add so much to all of our blogs too whenever you stop by and leave a comment! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! - G

  2. You are such a delightful "old boy"'d be hard not to follow ;)

    I hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful Easter break.

  3. Thanks Odie. I as blessed to be part of your blog family.
    Happy Easter:-)

  4. Congrats Odie! You deserve the following! Proud to be one of your minions!

  5. A bright and joyful Easter to you and yours, dear Odie!

  6. Wow, how cool Odie. Happy Easter my friend :)