Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remembering Romeo

Please help me in offering condolences and kind words to Desiree in South Africa over at Driftwood Ramblings for the loss of her sweet and handsome dog, Romeo. He was killed by a vehicle yesterday and his family is grieving his loss. Thank you for showing compassion to a blog family member.


  1. How tragic that was, Odie. I have already posted a comment. But it must have been such an awful shock for Desiree and all the family. Nice post my friend.

  2. How sad. Prayers going up for them. Blessings

  3. Oh how sad, I will go over straight away. Hugs

  4. Too sad for words, Odie. I visited her site and offered what I could in the way of comfort.

  5. So sad! I will certainly stop by and leave a comment. This just happened to us a few months back and it is just so heartbreaking. Thank you for making us all aware of this, Odie. I really admire you for using your blog to spread love to someone who really needs it right now. You are an AWESOME blog buddy to have! :)

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll go over and offer some support. I lost my beloved dog the same way when I was a kid. It was just so heartbreaking. :( - G

  7. I can appreciate the loss of a family pet. We've had to put several cats to sleep. My cats are strictly indoor pets as I couldn't bear the thought that someone might mistreat them or worse plow into them with a vehicle.

    Right now I'm boarding my sister's orange tabby since she died a month ago. Her part-persian was promptly adopted, but Sammy doesn't take well to strangers and is 10 years old. He craved love so badly when my niece brought him to our house that he overcame his usual hisses and growls to be a sweet teddy bear. I would have never thought that would happen. He was stunned by my sister's death, as we all were. My niece couldn't bear the thought of leaving him at the vet to be put to sleep.

    By the way, having played an upright bass with my sis in a bluegrass band, I love your music! We performed Dueling Banjos and Foggy Mt. Breakdown, & Black Mt. Blues and hundreds of other well-known bluegrass songs.

  8. Dear Odie!

    I am deeply touched by this wonderful tribute to Romeo and for the love and compassion you have shown us.

    I had not felt up to blogging but today I decided I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and respond to everyone who has been so immensely kind in reaching out to us.

    Thank you, Odie!

    Loving hugs,

    Des xoxo