Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Snapshots

Was on a delivery the other day at Englewood United Methodist Church in Rocky Mount and thought their bell tower was blog worthy as I haven't seen one like it anywhere else.

Also passed by a church building that Rachel and I attended in another life. It was the Rocky Mount Seventh Day Adventist Church and now they have a much larger building and I haven't a clue who occupies this building now. A lot of memories in there.

One of the landmarks in Nashville was always Joyner's Supermarket just around the corner from the two story house I lived in. A few years ago Cliff Joyner decided to sell the store to the town that wanted to relocate the library there. Now they had a mural painted on the long side of the building. Quite an improvement.

Always a lovely sight is the City Lake Park in Rocky Mount even in the winter. It has a cement walkway around it that measures 1/2 a mile so people can use it for exercise and keep track of how far they have gone.

The tree in this and the next shot was on purpose since there was this guy on his cell phone and I was trying to be kind and not include him in the shots. These decks with seating are really nice.

Another landmark for the area is across the lake and known as the "Power Plant" where power used to be generated for Rocky Mount but now houses businesses like a popular mexican restaurant called "Chicos" that has a view of the Tar River that flows beside the building. I would not have wanted to be the person laying bricks at the top of that chimney.

A small peninsula that has a gazebo that you can sit and rest looking at the ducks and geese and feel the shade from the trees during the spring and summer.

I try to keep my camera with me at all times for moments like these. Don't want to miss an opportunity.


  1. Postcards from paradise, Odie! Spring will soon arrive for you yankees way up there in the great white frozen north country. Enjoy!

  2. Odie, I love the bell tower. We had many in California in the Catholic missions. The mural on that building is nice. I like to see murals. In some Canadian coastal towns they paint whales and ocean scenes. I love a beautiful park and that one is lovely. Thank, for the tour!

  3. Nice pics Odie. You know I love my water and nature scenes. Keep them coming!

  4. You could do travelogues, Odie. I really enjoyed the one of the bell tower. I'll bet it makes gorgeous sounds.

  5. I love the pictures of the park. Also I agree that bell tower is original. Hope you have a geat night Odie~

  6. Well done for having your camera with you at all times. It gives me a great feel for the area.