Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tis the season

Picture courtesy of Google.com

  Yes my friends living in a state that has pine trees everywhere you look can be troublesome this time of the year. This warm weather we have been blessed with has also brought out new growth on all the pines in the familiar yellow bunches of pollen that are so easy to see. All it takes is a good breeze and a cloud of yellow descends to cover the ground, cars, houses and fills the air making our sinuses go crazy and irritates our eyes. 

  What we need now is a good rain to wash away the most of this pollen and give us some relief but that is not supposed to happen until next weekend. 

  Linda & I already take a 24 hr allergy pill every day so I guess it is not so bad on us like other folks that have to get shots at the urgent care to make it through this season. 

  No paradise is perfect. Even in Hawaii on the big island the sights are so amazing and wonderful but for those who live there they also have to deal with VOG the fumes that come from the active volcanoes that burn their eyes & throat. 

  We live & learn as we occupy this planet that along with the good comes the not so good and we adapt knowing it will pass.



  1. Oh, but what beautiful trees they are! I do hope allergies will not be a problem for you all this year-

  2. Contrary to popular belief Florida is only a "paradise" for about three months a year. For a good nine months it's an inhospitable place with heat, humidity, pine pollen, mosquitos, stable flies, fleas, snakes, scorpions. That list doesn't even include chronic drought, brush and muck fires and hurricanes. Hurry back, winter!

  3. I've heard from other blogs about the awful pollen that is covering everything! I hope it will be gone soon. Hugs.

  4. Hi ODie. Like Belle, I've heard about this nasty pollen and, with my allergy problem, I'm probably well out of it! Hopefully you will get some rain soon, to dampen it all down. Take care.

  5. I just heard today on TV to keep your windows closed, especially car windows, and when you come home from being outside, shower and wash your head so you don't have any pollen left on you. Now, they can forget that part about taking a shower and washing the head every time I go outside. Ain't gonna happen.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry you two suffer from allergies, that's no fun! Hoping this spring is better!