Saturday, March 17, 2012

Visiting Aunt Frances

Well it seems Aunt Frances is finally settled down and living with her daughter Judy and her son in law Bunky and if there could be an ideal situation this is it and we hope see will be very happy there.

I have shown pictures of this house before but it is certainly worth showing again because thanks to Judy these grounds are kept in perfect order.

When you enter the garage you see this sign proudly posted for her.

On the dining room table there was an arrangement of artificial flowers that was so beautiful so I thought I would get 2 beauties in one shot.

I understand this awesome indoor pool that is heated gets used just about every day by family or friends.

The three monkeys demonstrating that they neither see, hear or say anything.

What's a pool without a mermaid with her friendly dolphin.

Almost got my heel chewed on by this little pooch that apparently  does not like men.  Had to make sure I didn't turn my back on her for very long.

So many cute little pretties that made the house even more attractive.

One of the prettiest dressers I have ever seen in Aunt Frances' room.

Let's go outside and inspect the grounds.

The 3 dancing ladies encircling the fountain is a work of art.

This lady at the top of the fountain that runs through the garden area is always an attention getter.

One of her grandsons and his friend enjoying the cool water in the paddle boat. They were using kernels of corn as bait and were catching small fish and releasing them. Later when they were getting out of boat I noticed they were wet so I guess they also went for a swim as well.

I love being around running water anytime and this was refreshing to see and there were quite a few gold fish in there too.

Don't know what this plant is called but it looked so delicate and pretty even if it hasn't bloomed yet.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. It was great visiting with them this afternoon on such a beautiful day. 


  1. It's so good your auntie is in such wonderful hands and in such a beautiful place. I'm sure she will thrive there. What a gorgeous house and grounds- wow!

  2. Lawdy, Odie, that was quite a tour. I thought I was over on Desiree's blog! (LOL) That pool looks so inviting. I can see why they'd want to spend lots of time hanging out in that beautiful spot. That pooch reminds me of my dog Toto. Toto doesn't like men and that includes me. Almost 13 years and I'm still on Toto's "poop list." I love those maccaws on that dresser. Thanks, Odie!

  3. I love what you wrote about your beautiful wife Linda!!!

  4. A very beautiful home. Thank you for sharing and plenty of brownie points to you too for your caption under the photo of your gorgeous wife.

  5. What a beautiful house and gardens. I am sure that Aunt Frances is going to be very happy there. What a beautiful dresser in her room. Like you, I love to hear the sound of running water in a garden and as for that swimming pool, well! It's gorgeous, and I would certainly be swimming in there every day. That would be a real treat and would also keep me trim and fit! Thank you for sharing this beautiful, peaceful place with us today. It's wonderful!

  6. Aunt Frances will be so happy in a house with gardens like these! Superb!

  7. Wow Odie...This place is beautiful. I'd be happy with all that beauty around. I'm sure Aunt Frances will be too. Nice post.