Friday, March 2, 2012

You Need To Know Her

 Meet Melynda Fleury everyone (some already do) a very special lady that will instantly find a place in your heart if you only give her a chance. She is a wonderful writer with a talent that keeps you coming back for more.

She, sad to say, is legally blind and has a very difficult time reading our blogs but she is there doing her best to stay in touch with all that will call her friend. Today she goes to the doctor for a very painful procedure trying to keep what little sight she has a little longer. Please be in prayer for this sweet lady as she undergoes this difficult time.

Three of her friends, knowing how talented she is and knowing how much she needs help financially has put a lot of her previous blogs into print and has her first book printed titled "Just Nonsense" and is available at Amazon. If you have a Kindle or other e reader you can get her book for "less" than $3 and that my friends is a steal. I got my copy yesterday and I will treasure it forever.

How could you not love a book with a cover like this one. It is filled with stories from her life that will use all of your emotions. If you haven't been to her blog "please" give it a try and I promise you will be back for more. Click here to meet this awesome lady.  Help us get the word out. Thanks


  1. Odie-
    Can I buy this on Amazon or is there somewhere else?? I love that I have read about this on a couple of people's blogs this morning...I have never read her but will venture over...
    This makes me remember why I love being part of this community- everyone really bands together...

  2. I saw this on Facebook and then thisisme's and now yours, and I say AMEN! What a wonderful thing when the blogging community can come together to help one of our own. Great stuff from a kind heart.

  3. Thanks for helping the cause by spreading the word, good buddy! Caring people like you are helping to ensure that her story goes viral and money is raised to provide for her special needs.

  4. I second our extremely eloquent friend, Mr Shady! Wonderful write-up, Odie!

  5. Can't you just see little lights all over the world, shining God's light? That's what I think of when I read this. Prayers for her, especially today for the surgery!

  6. Consider it done. I just bought it and am looking forward to reading it and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Thank you!

  7. Nice to meet you! Melynda is the greatest!I enjoyed looking through your blog. Went to look at your profile but alas, there was nothing there. So I take it you love photography? Great pictures, and I just loved those trees.