Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafts you might find interesting

This a very unique Amish made toy that we bought at a farm house shop while driving out in the county. You hand it to someone and tell them they have to get both marbles into the holes at each end at the same time. They will tilt and try to do it getting so irritated until you show them how it's done by putting it on a hard flat surface and spin it. The force will drive both balls into the holes at one time.

48 years ago I was at an Elks Camp in the mountains of NC for two weeks when I was 16. While there one of the crafts we did was plaster casting and I did this head of a lion. One of the few things I have kept from my childhood.

One year when my girls were young and in elementary school we had a project to build for the math class. We did this abacus. I am amazed it has lasted this long.

One of my favorite games to play is "Mancala" so I built this wood model that will last forever. You put 6 playing pieces in each of the 12 center holes. One person starts by taking all the pieces out of any hole on their side and putting one piece in each hole to their right including the scoring bin on their right and continuing to the other side of the board but never putting any in the opponents scoring bin on their left. It is a game of stradegy and the game is over when one player clears all 6 holes on his/her side of the board. The winner has the most pieces in their scoring bin. Lots of fun especially when the last piece you drop is in your scoring bin because then you get another turn.

This is a look inside of the miniature log cabin church I built many years ago. Complete with pews, podium with a small bible on it, stained glass windows and a Christmas tree.

A view from the back of the Church.

Side view of the church.

Front view of the church with the door closed.


  1. I remember you talked about making this church. It is wonderful! The Amish had a sly sense of humor with that toy.

  2. Very fun...I love mancala..haven't played in years...the kids would love that game....i will have to find a board...

  3. That Amish toy is so clever, Odie! I never would have thought to spin it. I remember making wolf, bear and lion animal heads like that in scouting and using Lincoln Logs to build miniature cabins. Great stuff, Odie!

  4. I remember that abacus! And the church log cabin!

  5. My son, Clay, gave me the 1st one that you spin. It's awesome.

  6. Very cool Odie! Items to treasure for sure! The log cabin looks great!

  7. Those are very cool Odie!! Treasures that's for sure!

  8. I remember mancala! And that Amish game sounds like fun.

    Church looks good too!

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