Friday, February 4, 2011

A Dream Come True (not really)

This may seem out of character for my "Simple Life" blog but I didn't see a rule book so indulge me a while. Surely you have all had dreams or even day dreamed about your life being totally different from the way it is currently. That is where we are today.

I get this knock on the door and this gentleman with a briefcase is standing there and informs me that Bill Gates has randomly chosen me to receive a one time, tax paid sum of $200 million. This is a lot to take in so after the initial shock wears off Linda & I try to get a handle on what to do next. Paying bills would be a good start. Then helping our my girls and Linda's folks. A two week cruise to wherever would be appropriate.

Something I have always wanted is a collection of paintings by my favorite artist, Bob Ross. I have enjoyed him for so many years and would love to surrounded by his paintings.

My Ford has given me some really great service but I have always wanted to own a Cadillac with the 32 valve Northstar engine. Might as well be one of my first acquisitions with all the bells & whistles.

Might have the cart before the horse for this part but we'll get it figured out. We would need a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina and to make sure we

are never without power I will have to get a whole house generator system. This will have it's own power supply and kick on instantly when power fails so we can stay toasty warm and comfortable.

The house needs to be modest but comfortable. There is only so much room two people and a little dog need and I really do desire to keep life as simple as possible. The flooring will have radiant floor heating built in so your feet never get cold and a fireplace for atmosphere on cozy nights.

For the times when we just want to get the heck out of Dodge so to speak we will need to have a private jet on notice to get us to warm climates like the Bahamas or Hawaii. It will be great to leave an airport without all the worrisome hassels you have to face on public transportation.

One place we can make use of the jet would be to get us our own private island get away. There we would be able to relax in total comfort with all our needs met. There would also be plenty of room to have family members with us when possible.

Now to address some desires that stem from childhood. Growing up I had a pair of goats, Lilly & Billy. I had a lot of fun with them and can still remember them running through the woods to get to me where my dad had them fenced in. I plan to be getting a flock of them to enjoy and will have them secured in a fenced in area safe from dogs or other creatures that would harm them.

What you see below is one my favorite treats that I have always wanted and will make sure I have that base covered. I am talking about a scupernong grape vine. In the south we know the scupernong as the best grape for both wine and eating and I plan to have them available to enjoy during the time they are in season.

During my 20's I really wanted to have a subteranian home, in other words a home under ground. There is something really unique about an underground home. The temperature stays constant and you don't have to worry about storms that would otherwise destroy above ground dwellings.

Now the really fun part starts because with the Jet to get around I would want to take time to visit my blog family individually and if they were in need I could help them out. This could take a while since the family has grown to include the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Scotland, France, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The climates are so varied that I could visit warmer and enjoyable areas all during the year.
OK folks, back to the real world in chilly NC. I guess most of the day dreaming about stuff like this came from watching "Millionaire" on TV in my younger days. I, like a lot of people really know that coming into a large sum of money can actually be a curse instead of a blessing as many winners of the lottery can testify. Right now I am happy with what I have and where I am more so than I have ever been. Of course I would love to be able to help others and see friends that I have only been able to communicate with on line. I can't help financially but I can be a friend and offer words of comfort and compassion when needed and encouragement when spirits are low. That my friends is a good place to be.


  1. Odie, if you started out with $200 million, I think you ran out of money halfway through this list! (LOL)

    Did you notice that I tagged you and your daughter in my latest post? I invited you both to participate in answering a 19-question survey. I heard back from Karen but not from you and I just wanted to make sure you noticed it before I bump it off the front page.

  2. Nothing wrong with dreaming Odie! Nice list.

  3. I remember the show called The Millionaire. We loved it, but my grandma thought it was true and used to hope he would come to her door.
    How kind of you to want to help your blog friends, Odie. There are people I would love to help also.
    If I had a place in the country, I would get a few goats also. I just think they are the sweetest things.

  4. It's nice to dream, but you are truly blessed when you appreciate what you have. If I could pick someone to win the lottery (and have it NOT be a curse) I'd pick you (if it couldn't be me!)

  5. I was with you all the way, enjoying your dreams! I was really hoping it was true for you :)

  6. Don't ever let your dreams die, Odie! Even if they are only dreams forever.

  7. Odie - that was an awesome list that you came up with! The private jet sounds good to me, and wouldn't it be wonderful to visit our blogging friends all around the world. Amazing! It's good to have dreams like this sometimes.

  8. it's nioce to dream and noce that you want to share with others who are important.

    I always say that i have litle money and rarely wise wpords, but a cup of tea ios always ready for a friend