Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

My Health

Lately I have read too many blogs about friends that are feeling horrible with what is commonly referred to as the "crud". It's also happening to many people around me where I live and work. I pray that any of you reading this will be better very soon if you are unfortunate enough to have this mess that has been going around.

I am very thankful that I have not experienced any cold or flu like symptoms for over a year now and that is not the norm for this old guy. I did start taking the flu shot last year and have been trying to eat better and take vitamins so I do not know what to say is the primary reason for staying healthy. I just know it is a blessing and I thank God for his hand upon my life. As the words to the song goes "Praise God from whom "all blessing" flow".


  1. Hi Odie. You are so right to thank God for the blessing of health, and I am truly glad that you have kept well this Winter. I'm still very weak, but it's lovely to be visiting all my blogging friends again.

  2. healthy diet.
    Vitamins maybe........and wash your hands, wash your hands........and then don't forget to wash your hands!

  3. Jack and I get the flu jab each year and it really makes a difference :)

  4. My parents get the flu jab every year and then they catch the flu! I might just stick to taking my vitamins and keep my fingers crossed.

    A cup of tea always helps too!

    Take care and have a fabulous day Odie!

    Best wishes,

  5. A flu shot, diet, exercise and good hygiene are all part of it, Odie, but please don't underestimate how much blogging has to do with it. Your blog allows you to be creative and express yourself and to interact daily with friends. It gives you something to be passionate about and something to look forward to each day. That has to be good for the immune system.

  6. We do need to appreciate our health more than we do. Good post.

  7. I've missed the flu shot the last two years and got the flu. I'm not missing it again! I'm glad you have been so healthy, Odie!

  8. The post came at the right time...sometimes we end up taking our health for least I do...and this post is a reminder that we should not...

  9. I praise God that I have been feeling very healthy so far this year. This time last year I was having a lot of difficulties with flu and backaches, but this year I feel almost like I'm 25 again--not exactly, but almost in some ways.

    Tossing It Out